Montecristo Upright Sampler

Montecristo Upright Sampler Montecristo Upright Sampler
Montecristo Upright Sampler Box Closed Montecristo Upright Sampler Box Closed

“Stand up straight.” “Fix your posture.” “Stop slouching.”

How many times did you hear these lessons growing up? Well, after diving into the tasty Montecristo Upright Sampler, you may come to realize those good things do stand upright.

This sampler has a fun presentation with a stylish and narrow flip-top wooden box. It's adorned in multiple areas with Montecristo's mighty six sword logo. The white-colored bottom half makes the yellow of the flip-top really pop before opening to reveal its savory contents.

Montecristo is a cigar brand that has stood the test of time. It is a brand you can trust to deliver exceptional products that will produce excellence time and time again. This is certainly true of the Montecristo Upright Sampler.

This quality sampler contains three each of the following cigars.

Montecristo Media Noche No. 2.

"Arm the torpedoes!"

Or maybe just arm your torch to get one of these beautiful Montecristo Media Noche No. 2 torpedoes going. They call these stogies Media Noche due to the dark Connecticut broadleaf Maduro wrapper. Media Noche translates to "midnight," and all those who say nothing good ever happens after midnight probably haven’t been awake to see it. But no matter the time you smoke one of these numbers, you're taking a savory walk on the dark side.

Beneath the No. 2's oily Connecticut broadleaf is a trusty Nicaraguan binder. This keeps the three-country filler made up of Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian tobaccos intact and ready for a steady burn. This stick offers coffee and cream, pepper, caramel, and earthy flavors. It's a cigar with a smooth draw and solid ash that will keep your mind at ease as you watch the effortless burn line and drift through memories of similar smokes from years past.

Best to cleanse your pallet first to fully enjoy this torpedo before taking her out for a spin.

White Label

Next up is the 91 rated White Label toro. Seeing as Montecristo is one of the most trusted cigar brands around, it's safe to say this cigar is high-quality and packed with some of the finest products around. But let's take a look under the hood anyway, see what this toro has to offer.

Producing a cigar this mild while still packing so much flavor is almost as rare as a white bull. After lighting up, the White Label is mild before increasingly slightly, then quickly, in strength. At this point, leather, cream, and black pepper are all present. As the cigar continues to burn, notes of butter, wildflowers, ginger, and honey are detected.

Smoking a Montecristo White Label is an event with its beautiful white ash and smooth, creamy smoke. Grab your favorite smoking chair and get ready for a mild yet flavor-packed 90 minutes.

Churchill Extra

Last up in the Montecristo Upright Sampler is a cigar that performs and tastes great from foot to tip—the Churchill Extra. This old boy is widely known and a must-have for humidors all over the world. Easy-going Dominican long-fillers are packed snuggly into a Dominican binder and finished off with a smooth, light brown Connecticut shade wrapper. This is a top-notch cigar that delivers rich, creamy smoke. Notes of honey, caramel, cream, almond, and cedar run throughout.

So, now you can clearly see that the Montecristo Upright Sampler is doing (at least) three things right—four if you count the box. All (bad) joking aside, this is a sampler to get your hands on at once. Each cigar has something different to offer while still maintaining that special something that makes a Montecristo a Montecristo. And, since you're getting three of each, you can easily restock long before your chosen favorite runs out.

Please enjoy the Montecristo Upright Sampler at your leisure.

3 - Montecristo Media Noche No. 2 Torpedo (6.1 x 54)
3 - Montecristo White Label Toro (6 x 54)
3 - Montecristo Churchill Extra (7.5" x 52)

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Montecristo Upright Sampler

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