Montecristo Perfect 4 Fresh Loc Sampler

Montecristo Perfect 4 Fresh Loc Sampler Montecristo Perfect 4 Fresh Loc Sampler
If you're looking to run with the bulls without flying across the Atlantic or through the air in Pamplona, then the Montecristo Toro Fresh Loc 4-Cigar Sampler is the one for you. With this impressive assortment, you're taking a first-class tour of some of the best Montecristo has to offer. Whether it's the Nicaragua, Platinum, White, or Classic Collection, you can't lose with this sampler that has something for everyone.

This quality assortment contains one of each of the following cigars.


Right out of the pen, the sampler delivers the Classic, a cigar so well made and balanced that even the bravest matadors stand in awe before it. Master blender Jose Seijas took this staple of the Montecristo line and achieved what many thought impossible—take a masterwork such as the Classic and improve upon it. Mr. Seijas did this by first-hand selecting near-flawless Connecticut shade wrappers. Next, he added a top-notch Dominican binder and vintage Dominican long-filler tobaccos. The result is a medium-bodied smoke packed with flavor. Upon smoking, one can detect notes of coffee, honey, almond, vanilla, and cedar. This cigar produces an enjoyable, creamy smoke that you need to sample.

It's hard to walk into any cigar store without finding a Classic box on the top shelf. This is a testament to its quality and far-reaching popularity.


Master blender AJ Fernandez, the man behind many of the most glorious cigars available today, takes the wheel from Montecristo with the Nicaragua. Only a talent as pure as Mr. Fernandez’s could take the Montecristo blueprint and improve upon it. And that's exactly what he did with the Nicaragua. The wrapper, binder, and filler of this cigar all hail from Nicaragua. The wrapper is nearly flawless with little to no veins and a great-looking medium brown shade that beckons you. The smoke produced is thick and enjoyable to observe. The strength is medium-full-bodied. The Nicaragua is an excellent mix of smooth and spicy notes of red and black pepper, toffee, leather, and oak.


Next up in our Montecristo Toro Fresh Loc 4-Cigar Sampler is the Platinum. This Dominican is medium to full-bodied. A tri-country blend of long-leaf fillers from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Peru make up its core. Holding this blend snug is a Nicaraguan binder and San Andres Habano wrapper. The Platinum packs more of a potent punch than the rest of the Montecristo line. Here you'll taste coffee, spice, baked bread, wood, and various dried fruits. This stogie lives up to its name. Thankfully, the price is nowhere near that of actual bling.


Batting cleanup for the Montecristo Toro Fresh Loc 4-Cigar Sampler is the Montecristo White. This highly desired cigar combines aged tobaccos with a near-perfect construction. Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers work together within a Nicaraguan binder and Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper to produce a streamlined experience of earthiness, oak, fresh pepper, honey, and cedar. This Great White is where the smooth and complex meet to create something new and memorable. The smoke has a creamy texture to it, and the draw offers an ideal pull. Highly recommended for both the aficionado and novice alike, check this one out ASAP.

Please enjoy the Montecristo Toro Fresh Loc 4-Cigar Sampler at your leisure.

1 - Montecristo White Toro
1 - Montecristo Classic Toro
1 - Montecristo Platinum Toro
1 - Montecristo Nicaragua Toro

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Montecristo Perfect 4 Fresh Loc Sampler

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