Monte by Montecristo Toro 5-Pack Plus Lighter

Monte by Montecristo Toro 5-Pack Plus Lighter Monte by Montecristo Toro 5-Pack Plus Lighter
Are you looking for a great vacation sampler? Maybe you need the perfect gift for an old smoking buddy who is always misplacing his torch lighter? Do you delight in an uprising of out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to cigar manufacturing? If so, then the Monte By Montecristo Toro With Torch Lighter sampler is right up your alley.

Coming in hot at 6 x 60, this bull was first introduced to the world in 2013, billed as a bolder option for Montecristo lovers seeking something more potent than its historically mild to medium blends.

The dual bands give things a different look. The standard brown and white Montecristo band is up top, while below the second band of black and gold rides shotgun. The all-caps MONTE in large red covering this second band is reminiscent of a Roaring Twenties Art Deco font. And to be honest, after staring at that party font for a few minutes, it’s taking everything we’ve got not to pour a single malt and start one up as we type.

Could it be these dual bands that are causing some smokers to do double-takes? Perhaps, though more likely, it’s the robust and complex flavor produced by the dual binders.

“Did you just say dual binders?”

Indeed we did. With this Montecristo, you’re getting two binders for the price of one. The Nicaraguan Corojo binder provides firmness, complexity, and potency, while the Dominican one helps bring home the spice. Putting in overtime between these binders is aged Dominican long-fillers that’ll set up a short-term spice camp on your tongue before mellowing out. Tying this all together is an oily medium brown Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.

This Monte begins with flavors of oak, dark coffee, cream, and red and white pepper. Further down the stick, citrus flavors start to arrive, accompanied by cinnamon, caramel, and cocoa. This forward-looking cigar from a long-time celebrated brand is one you don’t want to miss, and we’re not just saying that due to its impressive 93 rating. Make sure to grab a sampler sooner than later!

Please enjoy the Monte By Montecristo Toro With Torch Lighter sampler at your leisure.

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Monte by Montecristo Toro 5-Pack Plus Lighter

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