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Foundation The Upsetters Para El Sapo

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This Foundation Cigar Co The Upsetters Para El Sapo cigar is made in Nicaragua. Outside, you'll find a Maduro wrapper. Inside, the binder is Nicaraguan, and the filler is Nicaraguan. This is a Pyramid cigar with a length of 4.50 and a ring gauge of 38/54.
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Foundation The Upsetters Para El Sapo Description

Foundation The Upsetters cigars in general were created to pay tribute to the rebels and musicians of old Jamaica who helped the country navigate the social and cultural changes that occurred in the wake of Jamaican independence in the 1960s and 70s. As money rolled in and a new economy took shape, many people were left behind. In the poor shanty towns around Kingston and other cities of Jamaica, the situation was challenging. But The Upsetters and assorted rude boys didn't simply accept a bad situation they challenged authority and agitated for change. And the musically inclined ones invented a new grooving, spiritually-awakened genre that would be called reggae.

These cigars honor this legacy. This one is named Para el Sapo, which means for the frog in Spanish. Take a look at this 4 x 52 cigar and you'll immediately see what´s going on: there´s a pale green candela wrapper on it. But inside, things get a lot more interesting. Like the other cigars in this line, this is a Caribbean atmospheric herbal infusion, which features Nicaraguan filler and Jamaican cow tongue tobacco.

We´re not exactly sure how Foundation flavors these cigars, but we do know that owner Nick Melillo learned a lot of cigar making methods in his time at Drew Estate. There, he may have picked up the secret techniques used to create ACID cigars, which are infused in flavoring chambers that may contain essential oils, herbs, and botanicals. In any event, this cigar tastes of rich Nicaraguan tobacco, but also young tea leaves, grape candy, and patchoulli. It´s a fascinating mix and definitely a cigar for people who are a little tired with the status quo in their humidors.

Feeling trapped? The Upsetters Para el Sapo has the answer: hop, hop, hop out of your situation and into something better!

No, seriously.