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If you hang out with Jamaicans, you're likely to hear the phrase rude boy. Today it has taken on a somewhat evolved meaning, but the history is just what you'd imagine. Rude boys were the bad boys of newly-independent Jamaica. These upsetters came from the poorest neighborhoods, where justice was hard to find, and so many took matters into their own hands. For an enlightened few, they turned this raw botheration into something positive, challenging corrupt power structures. Others used it to fuel a new art form: reggae music. It grooved and also called people to awaken to the truth of their lives and society at large.

The Foundation Upsetters Original Rude Boy is a tribute to those who have come before. It's a proper big boy at 6x60, and features a nice brown Maduro wrapper. Inside, things get a lot more interesting. Like the other cigars in this line, this is a Caribbean atmospheric herbal infusion, which features Nicaraguan filler and Jamaican cow tongue tobacco.

We're not exactly sure how Foundation flavors these cigars, but we do know that owner Nick Melillo learned a lot of cigar making methods in his time at Drew Estate. There, he may have picked up the secret techniques used to create ACID cigars, which are infused in flavoring chambers that may contain essential oils, herbs, and botanicals. In any event, this cigar tastes of rich Nicaraguan tobacco, but also Turkish coffee, caramel, and allspice. It's a fascinating mix and definitely a cigar for people who are a little tired with the status quo in their humidors.

Many are unaware of it, but Jamaica has a rich history of tobacco cultivation and cigar making. Foundation's Upsetters cigars are bringing it back using an ancient Jamaican tobacco strain to bring island flavor to the world. And who better than the Original Rude Boy to deliver it? Bless up!

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Foundation The Upsetters Original Rude Boy

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