Elie Bleu J-15 Jet Flame Yellow Lacquer Lighter

Elie Bleu J-15 Jet Flame Yellow Lacquer Lighter
From the high-end House Elie Bleu in Paris comes the stunning and stylish Elie Bleu J-15 Jet Flame Yellow Lacquer Lighter. This slim profile lighter delivers a strong single jet flame automatically when you slide back the cap thanks to something the company calls the Cigar Diamond Jet Burner System Technology, a company exclusive. The mechanism is slide-resistant, and so should be quite secure in your pocket.

The jet flame is strong enough to reliably light up cigars when smoking outside, unlike traditional soft flame lighters that are at higher risk of being blown out by the breeze.

The Elie Bleu J-15 Jet Flame Yellow Lacquer Lighter uses premium butane gas-only and features a fuel window so you can see when you’re running low. With a 1.5-gram tank, you should be lighting up your cigars with class for plenty of sessions to come.

When you buy an Elie Bleu, you want it to stay beautiful for as long as possible. While the function is flawless, it’s really the aesthetics that make these pieces so irresistible. That’s why the Elie Bleu artisans employed an ultra-durable UV-protected lacquer to ensure that the sharp color and immaculate finish stay just as clean as the day you first got the lighter.

For decades, Elie Bleu has been known as some of the best cigar accessory craftspeople in the world. Starting with a background in skilled cabinet making, Elie Bleu first made a foray into humidors. As word of their fine workmanship quickly spread around the cigar world, the company flexed its elite taste and ability, expanding into lighters, cutters, and more. Now, lighters like the J-15 continue to show why EB enjoys its sterling reputation for quality and beauty.

The Elie Bleu J-15 Jet Flame Yellow Lacquer Lighter – is a fire starter for those with a taste for luxury.

Height: 6.80 cm | 2.68 inch
Width: 3.65 cm | 1.44 inch
Thickness: 0.7 cm | 1.27 inch

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Elie Bleu J-15 Jet Flame Yellow Lacquer Lighter

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