Elie Bleu Delgado Purple Lacquer Lighter

Elie Bleu Delgado Purple Lacquer Lighter Elie Bleu Delgado Purple Lacquer Lighter
When you think of luxury cigars, you might think of Arturo Fuente, Padrón, Davidoff, and other world-class names. But when you think of luxury accessories, Elie Bleu is one of the elite few who stands almost alone as the best of the best.

For decades, Elie Bleu has created high-end accessories that display not only flawless functionality, but breathtaking aesthetics. They’re most well known for their incredible wood humidors displaying Boulle methodology and stunning marquetry, but their reputation for accessories like lighters, cutters, and more, is just as well established.

The Elie Bleu Delgado Purple Lacquer Lighter is an ultra-slim profile jet flame lighter. Unlike soft flame lighters (e.g. a traditional Bic), the jet flame of the Delgado can better stand up to common breezes encountered during outdoor smoking. Delivering a sturdy, strong flame, this lighter is one you can rely on to get the job done whenever you need it.

The ignition is fired by sliding the cap aside. This engages the Cigar Diamond Jet Burner System Technology, which is aided by 3Square air filtration and a carbon fuel filter to ensure a robust, clean flame for lighting your cigars. The fuel for the Elie Bleu Delgado Purple Lacquer Lighter is butane, but with a .6 gram tank capacity, you’ll have to keep an eye on the fuel window. You can’t get an ultra-slim profile without sacrificing a bit of fuel capacity. But in a trade-off, few lighters offer the graceful, sophisticated style of the Delgado.

To keep that style gorgeous as long as possible, your Elie Bleu Delgado features an ultra-durable UV coating. This helps maximize the life of your pain and lacquer layers, which Elie Bleu has taken great pains to apply as cleanly as possible. Each artisan has a master’s focus, so you can count on a Delgado lighter being as close to perfection as you can get in a cigar accessory.

The Elie Bleu Delgado Purple Lacquer Lighter – for a lighter as light as air.

Height: 6.6 cm | 2.36 inch
Width: 3.7 cm | 1.18 inch
Thickness: 0.7 cm | 0.27 inch

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Elie Bleu Delgado Purple Lacquer Lighter

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