El Septimo Luxus Precioso Pink

El Septimo Luxus Precioso Pink 5 Pack El Septimo Luxus Precioso Pink 5 Pack
El Septimo Luxus Precioso Pink Single El Septimo Luxus Precioso Pink Single

El Septimo Luxus Precioso Pink cigars are for a certain kind of lady (or gent, as the case may be). The company describes it quite simply: “This sexy beauty packs a punch.”

Know any lady types like that? We sure do.

Anyhow, this skinny pink cigar is part of a ten-blend series from El Septimo that celebrates long-aged Costa Rican tobacco. This is something of a company specialty because while most of the rest of the industry is obsessing over Nicaragua and other popular locations, El Septimo goes all in on Costa Rica.

And they’re getting plenty of flavor out of their efforts, too!

This one features a 6-year-aged leaf and comes with quite the description. We’ll let the manufacturers speak for themselves for a moment: “[An] explosion of spices meets your palate, giving the smallest of puffs a great complexity of roasted coffee, cedarwood, and spices, along with just the slightest after-shock of orange zest and raisin.” Another reviewer really noticed the dark chocolate notes. Suffice it to say, you’re going to be getting a lot out of your draws, here.

It may not be clear already, but El Septimo Luxus Precioso Pink cigars are full-strength stogies that bring the fire, the spice, and plenty more besides that. They’re not representing the gentle, shy, cutesy side of femininity. They’re more from the side that slaps people who get out of line. The side that claws at people who threaten their kids. The side that absolutely won’t be quiet about a problem.

That said, the “compact and elegant cigar” is “comfortable to handle, being suitable for those who prefer smaller gauges.” It’s also “extremely easy to light.” So while you might be a badass, there’s no struggle ahead with this Precioso Pink cigar. It’s ready to give you a beautiful break and plenty of flavor in a 4.25 x 34 format.

Ladies and others, start your lighters!

This El Septimo Luxus Precioso Pink cigar is made in Costa Rica. Outside, you'll find an undisclosed wrapper. Inside, the binder is undisclosed, and the filler is undisclosed. This is a Full-strength Petite Corona-shaped cigar with a length of 4.25 and a ring gauge of 34.

Please browse our selection of El Septimo Luxus Precioso Pink cigars at your leisure.

• What are the flavors like?
o Spice, roasted coffee, cedarwood, and a finish of orange zest and raisin.

• What’s the strength level?
o Full

• Who is this cigar for?
o El Septimo Luxus Precioso Pink cigars are for women in need of flavor or just fans of really easy-to-manage stogies.

• Will I want to smoke it to the nub?
o For once, there’s enough stick to satisfy. Make the most of it!

• What’s a good pairing with it?
o “This cigar is an ideal complement to an aperitif, to savor with no restraint.” Select Aperitivo is affordable and will give you the classic experience if you’re waiting for a nice meal or are in the pre-dinner phase.

• What’s the best time/place to smoke this cigar?
o Mother’s Day?

• Any flaws/downsides?
o Guys will enjoy it, but will be way to embarrassed to ever hold one in public.

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El Septimo Luxus Precioso Pink

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