Drew Estate Acid Loud Pack Sampler

Drew Estate Acid Loud Pack Sampler Drew Estate Acid Loud Pack Sampler
Drew Estate Acid Loud Pack Sampler Open Drew Estate Acid Loud Pack Sampler Open

The Drew Estate ACID Loud Pack Sampler comes ready to rock in a killer black box that looks like a limited edition, bonus feature-packed DVD box set from your favorite band. The ACID logo of the cigar-smoking biker is holographic and adds to this likeness.

Flavor-infused cigars (or those with a sweet tip) may seem like a gimmick to some, but these cigars are fun to smoke, not because they go through a flavor infusion process, not because they're premium cigars, but because they combine these things to create something new.

ACID cigars draw outside the lines by combining historic tobacco cultivation methods with a modern technique. We could go on and on here about the process, but we'll explore it below instead.

The Drew Estate ACID Loud Pack Sampler contains two each of the following cigars.

Drew Estate ACID Roam

First up is the Roam, which Drew Estate claims to be the go-to ACID stick for creaminess. Nicaraguan tobaccos cure for months in aroma rooms filled with over 150 essential oils, herbs, and botanicals to infuse these into the blend. Equally impressive is the skillfully cured Connecticut shade wrapper that waits in an oak cask for 150 days to increase its complexity. The ACID brand uses color-coded bands to help identify each cigar's body and strength. The purple band here tells us the cigar is ultra-complex and more full in body.

The Roam is a sweet and toasty smoke with a strong floral aroma. Don't miss it!

Drew Estate ACID Nefasto

Next in the Drew Estate ACID Loud Pack Sampler, we have the Nefasto. Since Nefasto translates to "disastrous," does that mean we need to eat dinner beforehand or face the hurt? We're not sure, but the wicked red label suggests this smoke is more robust than other ACID cigars and that it's also chock-full of unflinching black tobacco.

And the red band checks out as the Drew Estate ACID Nefasto is known as one of the strongest ACID cigars. These pyramid-shaped beauties utilize Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos which spent months preparing for you in the aroma rooms of Drew Estate's Nicaraguan cigar factory. An oiled-out Connecticut broadleaf wrapper tops everything off, so expect huge smoke billows.

Many say this is the most extreme ACID smoke available. The best bet is to have a nice meal, set aside a chunk of time, get the thing toasting, and go to battle. Who knows? Maybe you'll even find an ally in the Nefasto.

Drew Estate ACID Liquid

The Liquid is here, and its red band is trying to tell you something. For starters, it's stating that this cigar is intense and filled with a more potent ACID blend containing Nicaraguan and bold black tobaccos. But it's also warning you not to expect the sweetened cap you've come to rely on when things get too robust.

Those bold tobaccos go through the infusion process for months to create the cigar's unique aromas and flavors. Next, a gorgeous top-notch Connecticut shade leaf wraps everything up. This thing is smooth and oily and begging for attention. Once lit, you're in for a hell of a ride filled with a wide variety of powerful aromas and flavors. This one wants a choice spot in your humidor badly. Go ahead and provide them shelter, if you dare.

Drew Estate ACID Blondie

Measuring in at 4 x 38, we have the small but mighty Blondie. If you have a thing for small cigars with big, complex personalities, grab a Drew Estate ACID Loud Pack Sampler to check this girl out. A blue band reveals a mild to medium-bodied cigar with a fragrant and sweet flavored infusion. The Blondie packs a top-secret blend of tobaccos which cure in the ACID aroma rooms for months. A blonde Connecticut shade wrapper covers everything up. Then, the Blondie's long and lonely wait for your lighter begins. This little number delivers a memorable experience of honey, dried fruit, and slightly sweet spice.

Drew Estate ACID Nasty

Closing out the Drew Estate ACID Loud Pack Sampler, we have the Nasty. This cigar boasts a distinctive shape at 4 x 52. It's this tapered shape that delivers the great draw and even burn throughout. The Nasty, with its mini torpedo appearance, dramatically adds to the fun of smoking it. With this Robusto, you're getting the Red line's signature spiciness in a medium to full-bodied smoke.

When they infused the Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos in the Drew Estate aroma rooms, they must have set the dial to bold because that's what we're smoking here. A tasty Connecticut broadleaf Maduro wrapper covers everything up, and the Nasty is ready for ignition. Once burning, you'll enjoy flavors of chocolate, spice, earth, and coffee.

Please enjoy the Drew Estate ACID Loud Pack Sampler at your leisure.

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Drew Estate Acid Loud Pack Sampler

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