Diesel Top-Twenty Sampler II

Diesel Top-Twenty Sampler II Diesel Top-Twenty Sampler II

Diesel Mega-Sampler II includes:

5 - Diesel Unholy Cocktail Torpedo (5x56)
5 - Diesel Rage Toro (6x54)
5 - Diesel Unlimited d.5 (5.5x54)
5 - Diesel Unlimited Maduro d.5 (5.5x54)

The name of the Diesel Top-Twenty Sampler II may confuse you a bit, so let's keep things clear here. This isn't one of each of Diesel's top twenty smokes. Instead, this is twenty of Diesel's top smokes. There are four different Diesel cigar blends, with five cigars of each included, and each one is a fantastic smoke in its own right.

True to the brand, these generally aren't mild and mellow cigars. Instead, there's potent flavor and spice in each stick. So, if you're in the mood for cigars with a personality from Diesel, this might be a tasty choice.

Diesel Unholy Cocktail (Torpedo, 5x56)

Let's start with the Diesel Unholy Cocktail, a hearty and woody smoke. This Diesel Top-Twenty Sampler II cigar takes its flavor from a high-quality blend of Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco and a funky Pennsylvania broadleaf wrapper. Fermented to perfection, the cover leaf brings earthy notes and a hint of sweetness to the cigar. We're not sure what's unholy about this one, maybe it's the combination of refined Nicaraguan leaf with a rough and ready Pennsylvania broadleaf. In any case, the result is an interesting smoke that serves as a fine introduction to a brand that doesn't really pull its punches.

Rage (Toro, 6x54)

The Diesel Rage is an angry smoke. This one's not for the faint of heart. As you might expect from an AJ Fernandez blend, there's a core of premium Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco. The wrapper leaf is a spooky dark Ecuadorian Habano that started life in the sun and ended it in the dark as a deeply fermented Oscuro.

Light this one up for flavor overload. The list of notes that people pull from this Diesel Top-Twenty Sampler II cigar is long, but after the coffee, chocolate, and cedar have come and gone, it's the spice blend that we remember the Diesel Rage cigar for. The spice flavors are exotic and surround a peppery core that honestly is reminiscent of jalapeno at times.

We don't know what pissed this cigar off, but when you need a cigar that doesn't give a s**t about playing nice, you'll be glad you've got the Diesel Rage in your humidor.

Diesel Unlimited and Unlimited Maduro (d.5 Robusto, 5.5x54)

This is a classic Diesel blend. In fact, the Diesel Unlimited was the follow-up to the original cigar that the company put out. Both versions were created using Nicaraguan and Mexican San Andres tobacco. The difference is the wrapper, though. The natural version was made with an Ecuadorian Habano Ligero. In contrast, the Maduro version uses the more earthy and dark Pennsylvania broadleaf as a finisher.

You get both in the Diesel Top-Twenty Sampler II.

The Unlimited Maduro has a nice red pepper kick upfront, then shifts into toffee sweetness, dark cherries, and leather. The natural Diesel Unlimited offers smoke that's more oaky and bright. These are good cigars to enjoy when the Unholy Cocktail and Rage would simply be a little too much for you, and you're looking for something a bit more classic.

Please enjoy the Diesel Top-Twenty Sampler II at your leisure.

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Diesel Top-Twenty Sampler II

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