Diesel Natural Small-Haul Sampler

Diesel Natural Small-Haul Sampler Diesel Natural Small-Haul Sampler
Created by Cuban-born third-generation cigar maker A.J. Fernandez the man responsible for New World, Ave Maria, and Enclave Diesel Cigars launched in 2009 with the Unholy Cocktail blend. The second line, Diesel Unlimited, followed shortly, offering a more edge-of-the-seat full-bodied blend.

The Diesel Natural Small-Haul Sampler is your shot to smoke this high-demand blend in a bunch of stimulating shapes and sizes, including a few limited editions only available within.

The Unlimited blend comes in two versions, natural and Maduro. This sampler features the natural version with a fiery blend of Mexican and Nicaraguan long-fillers and an Ecuadorian Habano Ligero wrapper that is a tempting shade of milk-chocolate candy-bar brown. This isn't the first time a blender has incorporated this leaf into a cigar, though it is its first use as a wrapper. The full-bodied, spice-ridden leaf covers robust filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and Mexico's San Andres Valley. Among the flavors experienced in this strong cigar are sweetness, spice, leather, wood, and earth.

The cigars in the Diesel Natural Small-Haul Sampler will keep your attention with their interesting sizes and curious shapes. Take, for instance, the perfecto-shaped Diesel Unlimited d.P., which holds a taper at both ends and is only trusted by the most skilled cigar rollers. This difficulty leads to the perfecto's popularity since smokers know the skillful care and experience that goes into producing each one. There's also the Flathead Belicoso which is a pyramid-shaped cigar featuring a pointed head. And how could we forget the Diesel Unlimited Stout Barber Pole, which sports a wrapper utilizing both Maduro and Habano leaves to create an excellent balance.

The longest stick of the bunch is the Large Marge measuring 6.70 inches. The Diesel Natural Small-Haul Sampler also contains flag tips, pigtails, and other shapes, so you can sample this fine blend through several agreeable avenues.

Cigars created by Mr. Fernandez and his notable collaborations are widespread and widely celebrated. The demand for Unlimited cigars never ceased, and this is your chance to stock your humidor with something exceptional. The name Diesel should tip you off as to what to expect when adding these fuel sticks to your humidor. We're talking to the beginner smokers out there, work your way up to a Diesel. They build these powerful sticks for lifers only.

This quality sampler contains two each of the following cigars: Diesel Unlimited d.P, Diesel Unlimited Flathead, Diesel Unlimited d.nt, Diesel Unlimited Large Marge, Diesel Unlimited d.10, and Diesel Unlimited Stout Barber Pole.

Please enjoy the Diesel Natural Small-Haul Sampler at your leisure.

2 - Diesel Unlimited d.P Perfecto (5 x 58)
2 - Diesel Unlimited Flathead Belicoso (6.5 x 54)
2 - Diesel Unlimited d.nt Perfecto (6.5 x 56)
2 - Diesel Unlimited Large Marge (6.7 x 54)
2 - Diesel Unlimited d.10 Perfecto (6.5 x 64)
2  - Diesel Unlimited Stout Barber Pole (6 x 60

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Diesel Natural Small-Haul Sampler

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