Ashton VSG Corona Gorda

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Ashton Vsg Corona Gorda 5 Pack Ashton Vsg Corona Gorda 5 Pack
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This Ashton VSG Corona Gorda cigar is made in Dominican Republic. Outside, you'll find a Sun Grown wrapper. Inside, the binder is Dominican, and the filler is Dominican. The Ashton VSG Corona Gorda is a Full bodied Corona shaped cigar with a length of 5.75 and a ring gauge of 46.


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Haig M.
United States United States

Spot On!

Never disappoints - efficient online experience and prompt delivery. Plus terrific selections and options for ordering.

Chris S.

Mild yet Deep

Not all cigar makers do a mild cigar very well. Most are very dull. This Corona Gorda is mild to medium and absolutely delicious. It offers gentle spice to go with roasted nuts and some light herbal flavors I can’t quite figure out. You don’t often hear the word “complex” with mild smokes, but there is some good depth to this one. Reminds me of the Don Tomas Candela.

Andy J.

Ashton VSG Corona Gorda

Fantastic Burn & Taste

Arnie B.

Good Stick

Ashton cigars are made in the Dominican Republic at the Tabacalera A. Fuente. The Heritage Puro Sol line of Ashton cigars are made entirely with tobaccos that are sun grown. The wrapper is Cameroon, and the binder and filler tobaccos are Dominican. The Corona Gorda measures 5 ¾ x 46. The cigar started off mild-to-medium, and quickly developed into a medium bodied stick. The Cameroon wrapper was a darkish, medium brown color. The cap of the cigar felt solid and was easy to make a clean cut. Upon light up I got a range from warm nutty scents to light traces of sweet vanilla and spicy pepper with aromas of nutmeg and cinnamon highlight the golden brown wrapper. The corona gorda size is not quite a toro and slightly bigger than a panatela. Its a slow smoke for me. It is so delectable and flavorful, that I only puff at it once every two minutes. It takes 2 minutes to appreciate the long finish. I dont I have the time in my day to smoke a larger cigar. Im the guy at the dinner table that finishes 30 minutes after everyone else is done. Same with cigars. But savoring life and its bounties is what makes it so enjoyable. The construction is dead nuts perfect and so is the burn and draw. I can put it down for a few minutes and not need to light it up again. Thats quality! Ive got a bad back. Im in a lot of pain all the time. Sometimes, it gets so bad, that I stop what Im doing at home,go downstairs to my man cave and light up an Ashton. Within 15-20 minutes, the stress to my back relaxes and I dont have to resort to pain pills. True story! I believe cigars come from an ancient ritual that not only was part of the spiritual part of a mans life, but a way to relax. You never see cave paintings of a hunter chasing down a deer with a cigar in his mouth. LOL! Ive tried all of the Ashtons but I think that the Puro Sol is my fave. The Ashtons have a common thread. They have a similar flavor profile running amongst them. And each unique in its own way. The Puro Sol fits my needs beautifully. Such a nice cigar. Kudos!

Scott L.

Blown Away

I was at my local cigar shop inquiring about the Opus X when the owner introduced me to this cigar. He told me that if I enjoyed the Opus X then I should definately give the VSG a try. He pulled it from the case and cut it for me and told me to give her a try. I have to say, it was a fantastic smoke that is almost as good as the Opus if not on par with it, and for a much lower price. The cigar drew beautifully and had a spicy flavor and aroma that were fantastic. I would recommend this cigar to anyone and will be purchasing an entire box of them soon.

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Ashton VSG Corona Gorda

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