The OpusX Society Brown Leather Bracelet

Arturo Fuente The Opusx Society Leather Bracelet Brown Arturo Fuente The Opusx Society Leather Bracelet Brown
Leather, sterling silver, and a golden clasp to seal the deal – this Arturo Fuente The OpusX Society Leather Bracelet is easily one of the coolest wearable cigar accessories we’ve ever seen. You don’t have to be a huge jewelry fan to see how this one might fit into your wardrobe. And so few things work for both men and women, but this one does.

It’s an understated work of surprising detail, and truly beautiful from every angle.

Available in black or camel, the band is premium Italian leather. It’s the real deal, so accept no substitutes. This Arturo Fuente The OpusX Society Leather Bracelet is made for people who appreciate authenticity and undeniable class. We don’t mean that in an overly fancy way, however. To us, this bracelet stays cool as a cucumber, even with a serious price tag.

The OpusX logo rests at the center. The cult hit that took off decades ago is still as hot as it was when Cigar Aficionado first called Fuente’s OpusX the #1 Cigar of the Year. Whether it’s the core blend or the special editions, they all still fly off the shelves as soon as we get them in stock. This bracelet lets you celebrate a smoke that is simply timeless. That rich aged Dominican flavor just never gets old.

At the 14k gold clasp, there are two charms in red and blue enamel. One is for Fuente lovers, and the other is for the OpusX Society. For those new to the concept, the Society is a collection originally launched by Cuban designer Manny Iriarte. His first projects collaborating on watches for the Fuentes flowered into a beautiful collection of pieces that are now known as the OpusX Society. Indeed, these artworks have been such a success that even Manny has invited his own collaborators to bring their talents to the task. For this one, it was Cuban Jewelry designer Rudy Santayana who offered his expertise to make the Arturo Fuente The OpusX Society Leather Bracelet come together perfectly.

Each one is handcrafted in Coral Gables, Florida. Whether you’re a guy in search of a little manly flair or you’re a woman who wants to rock the X, this is an excellent and tasteful way to do it.

As with any high-end handmade items, production quantities are quite limited. Please don’t hesitate if you’re interested and see these in stock.

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The OpusX Society Brown Leather Bracelet

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