Alec Bradley Winter Collection Sampler

Alec Bradley Winter Collection Sampler Alec Bradley Winter Collection Sampler
Alec Bradley Winter Collection Sampler Box Closed Alec Bradley Winter Collection Sampler Box Closed

Need a toasty little cigar to keep you warm in the winter? The Alec Bradley Winter Collection Sampler is giving you six of them! These include some very fine smokes from Señor Rubin, the founder of Alec Bradley, and a man who knows his tobacco. With much of the blends straddling the fields of Nicaragua and those of the neighboring nation of Honduras, fans of Latin American tobacco will find everything they need in this assortment.

These short cigars all measure 4 inches or thereabouts, so let’s peek under the lid and see what we’re getting in the box.

First up is the Black Market Chunk, a fat but short cigar that features an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder that creates exotic flavor and that has turned this blend into one that’s spawning offshoot blends (like the 93-rated Black Market Estelí). In the Alec Bradley Winter Collection Sampler, you’ll also find the somewhat skinnier Black Market Punk, if chubby smokes aren’t your thing.

Next, you can light up the Nica Puro Rosado Bajito, a cigar with perfectly balanced Nica flavors that has been called an “essential experience.” We aren’t ones to argue with that, and we’re glad it’s part of this sampler so you get a chance to see if you agree.

After that, pull out the Connecticut Nano, a classic CT cigar with a wrapper leaf grown in Ecuador. Enjoy the creamy, toasty smoke and get surprised by how much complexity they managed to pack into the blend by their choice of long-filler leaves.

The Mundial Punta Lanza No. 4 is a carefully-crafted smoke with a double binder and a Honduran Trojes wrapper that is simply the cream of the crop. This is a smoke to enjoy with your eyes closed.

At the end of the pack, try out the MAXX Nano, one of the company’s best sellers that uses tobacco from Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Mexico to produce a flavor profile that develops throughout the entire smoking experience.

The Alec Bradley Winter Collection Sampler provides everything you need to keep warm at night (snuggle buddy not included. The existing snuggle bunny may even be repelled by cigar smoke. Please smoke and snuggle responsibly.

The Alec Bradley Winter Collection Sampler includes:

1 - AB Connecticut Nano (4.2 x 46) - Mellow-Medium
1 - AB Black Market Punk (4.2 x 42) - 90-rated - Medium
1 - AB Mundial Punta Lanza No. 4 (4.2 x 48) - 92-rated - Full
1 - AB The Maxx Nano (4.0 x 46) - 91-rated Medium-Full
1 - AB Nica Puro Rosado Bajito (4.2 x 52) - 91-rated - Medium-Full
1 - AB Black Market Chunk (4.0 x 60) - 90-rated - Medium

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Alec Bradley Winter Collection Sampler

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