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This Alec Bradley Trilogy Authentic Corojo Toro cigar is made in Honduras. Outside, you'll find a Corojo wrapper. Inside, the binder is Honduran, and the filler is Honduran, Nicaraguan. This is a Toro cigar with a length of 6.00 and a ring gauge of 52.

The Alec Bradley Trilogy Authentic Corojo is part of a three-blend series that features one of the world’s rarest cigar shapes: the triangle. While a standard Parejo is round like a circle when you look at it from an end, and a box-pressed cigar is rectangular, the Trilogy cigars are triangular. They went through a custom-made mold and press so that they would arrive in your humidor and take their place as perhaps the most distinctive stick in the bunch.

These Trilogy cigars aren’t exactly new. They’re a reborn cigar line that was sold from 2002 to 2010 by Alec Bradley. Company owner Alan Rubin mentions how at least one big fan had asked him to revive the Trilogy and eventually, in 2022, the time was again right for this strange stogie to make its triumphant return. The blend we have to assume isn’t exactly the same but was perhaps revamped in some regards to make the best use of the tobaccos available today.

You can get these cigars in three different wrapper varieties. One is a Maduro, one features Cameroon leaf, and then there’s the Authentic Corojo we have here. The binder is Connecticut-seed tobacco grown in Honduras, while the long-filler blend comes from Nicaragua and Honduras. Alec Bradley smokers know that Honduran tobacco is always a possibility in the company’s stogies, and so AB knows just what to do with this rich and flavorful type of leaf.

Alec Bradley Trilogy Authentic Corojo cigars are topped with a Corojo-seed wrapper from the Jamastran Valley in Honduras and are rolled by the expert hands at Tabacos De Oriente, a Plasencia factory found in that country.

Corojo is a legendary and historic leaf. Whole decades passed by in Cuba where the majority of cigars had a mandatory Corojo wrapper that people just couldn’t get enough of. That famous spicy punch is exactly what people thought of when they imagined the taste of a high-quality cigar. Eventually, variety became a feature of the modern cigar industry, but for some smokers, nothing can ever replace a good Corojo cigar (no matter how many unusual leaf varietals are available).

The Trilogy Authentic Corojo offers a fairly classic flavor profile, with white pepper upfront, a core of creamy cedar, and some rich earthiness from all that Honduran leaf inside. You can smoke it and you’ll get a traditional mix of notes that are always in style, no matter what year it is.

The triangle press just adds some flair and novelty to keep things interesting.

Please browse our selection of Alec Bradley Trilogy Authentic Corojo cigars at your leisure.

- What are the flavors like? White pepper, creamy cedar, earth.

- What’s the strength level? Full.

- Who is this cigar for? Alec Bradley Trilogy Authentic Corojo cigars are for people who want a classic wrapper on a tasty Honduran blend.

- Will I want to smoke it to the nub? It’s nothing too crazy but is definitely worth enjoying to the end.

- What’s a good pairing with it? If you need a serious start in the morning, skip the Connecticut and have this one with strong coffee.

- What’s the best time/place to smoke this cigar? Slow mornings when you need a kick in the ass.

- Any flaws/downsides? It’s a pretty standard smoke, made with good tobacco. Don’t let the crazy shape hype it up too much in your mind.

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Alec Bradley Trilogy Authentic Corojo Toro

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