Alec Bradley Taste of the World "Chunk" Sampler of 8

Alec Bradley Taste of the World "Chunk" Sampler of 8 Closed Alec Bradley Taste of the World "Chunk" Sampler of 8 Closed
Alec Bradley Taste of the World "Chunk" Sampler of 8 Cigars Alec Bradley Taste of the World "Chunk" Sampler of 8 Cigars

With the Taste of the World “Chunk” Sampler, Alec Bradley joins one of the most fun clubs in the cigar game today. Nub by Oliva, Drew Estate Flying Pigs, and these Chunk vitolas all offer a short, pudgy smoke that is just perfect for the average session. At 4 x 60, it’s not too long or unwieldy. It’s super compact and easy to bring with you in a variety of containers. It’s just right for so many occasions because it defies the traditional mold of the Churchill, Presidente, Lancero, or other smoke where longer was better.

We’re focusing on girth here, folks.

This Alec Bradley Taste of the World "Chunk" Sampler features 8 total cigars, with 2 each of the following smokes:

Kintsugi Chunk
Gatekeeper Chunk
Black Market Chunk
Magic Toast Chunk

The Kintsugi is an early effort from industry “newcomers” Alec and Bradley, the sons of Alec Bradley founder Alan Rubin. It’s a 91-point Honduran/Nicaraguan smoke with lots of satisfying, chocolatey, spicy flavor. This is the perfect kind of smoke for the Chunk format because you get so much flavor in the small package, and it’s just really satisfying.

Similarly, Gatekeeper is another Alec and Bradley blend, and this one sets the world on fire. 95 points made this one the Cigar Aficionado #7 Cigar of 2020. They had this to say, “The Gatekeeper finds synergy and balance with its backbone of pepper (both red and black), nougat, and caramel that’s spicy in the right places, sweet in the right places, and pops with savory snaps of leather.” Doesn’t that make you lick your lips and reach for a lighter? It’s another Chunk flavor bomb.

Black Market is another banger, with a four-country blend from Panama, Honduras, Ecuador, and Nicaragua. It earned 93 points and is a perfect smoke with beer and barbeque. The line has branched off into a few other blends (Estelí, Filthy Hooligan), but this is the original that is still going strong.

The last Chunk in the sampler is the Magic Toast. It’s a smooth and flavorful blend named after a drink famous in the fields of Honduras. You might not be able to score the authentic thing, but we’re sure your liquor cabinets, wine racks, and beer fridges will supply something to pair with this woody Honduran stogie suitably.

They’re all short, sweet, and packed with flavorful tobacco. Don’t miss the Alec Bradley Taste of the World "Chunk" Sampler! (These are bound to go fairly fast. This cigar size just never lasts in inventory if the Flying Pigs are anything to go by.)

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    Alec Bradley Taste of the World "Chunk" Sampler of 8

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