5 Vegas Gold No.1

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This 5 Vegas Gold No.1 cigar is made in Honduras. Outside, you'll find an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Inside, the binder is Honduran, and the filler is Honduran. This is a Double Corona cigar with a length of 7.50 and a ring gauge of 54.


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Mike H.


Very good looooong smoke. Worth the price and time.


5 Vegas Gold No. 1

I smoke all sorts of cigars including all strengths. I always keep around 100 to 200 stocked premium cigars. I smoke the cheap ones for work purposes. I love this cigar and would rate it between a 90 to 91 (which by the way is an excellent score). I rarely write reviews but this cigar deserves one so here it goes. I have tried every Vegas cigar. In the 5 Vegas Gold I tried the 7.0 x 5.0 and then 7.5” x 54. All I can say you better have an hour and half to smoke this baby. I experience a great draw every time. I did not once have to relight the cigar as I smoked it straight for about an hour and half. This cigar could easily last 2 hours outside. I was amazed by the flavor. I smoke bolder and stronger cigars which dominate my humidor. I smoke stronger cigars this one had plenty of flavor to satisfy any cigar amateur to veteran. This cigar made me rethink that life should be full of flavors and now it’s one of my all time favorites. I am buying more mild cigars (I hate harsh cigars and this one is not harsh at all). Sure I can smoke a Rocky Patel 92 reserve or higher dollar cigar that I have in humidor. I save my costly cigars and smoke them 2 or 3 times a week. I average about 4 to 5 cigars a day (I know I need to slack off a little but hey George Burns lived to 100 and out lived his doctor (he also attended the funeral of his doctor look it up sometime great comedian). After a while I want something different. I do have a budget and these cigars do not taste like a 3 to 5 dollar cigar. I consider this cigar mild. I do not consider harsh cigars mild I consider those **** but would smoke them anyways which is not the case of the 5 Vegas Gold. Here are the flavors I experience every time. I light it up getting a hint of spice tricking me and thinking I am up for a heavier than expected type smoke. 5 Vegas Gold is very consistent smooth all the way through. I get a nutty taste along with a smooth blend of cream almost none stop. After I get below half way I pick a little sense of pepper taste but the smooth cream taste is still apparent. I get the continued smoke cloud that is thick and dark. The ash of the cigar gets pretty long. Like I said it is mild but with full enjoyable flavors that is cigar nirvana. This is a true great for relaxing and great for any other occasion. If you have not tried one you do not know what you are missing. I am 33 years old been smoking cigars 13 years. I gave one to friend who is a retired construction house builder and plays golf. He told me he has smoked cigars for about 45 years and this is the best one he has ever been given to as a free gift. I thought he was just saying that to be nice. He now placed an order and came over because his order would not be in time for his fishing trip in another state. If you want a good mild (not harsh) this is it. This cigar should cost more per box but I am not complaining. The original (classic) Vegas are wonderful as well but this is a new breed that will always be stocked in my humidor. I cannot think of a time during the day were this smoke will not fit into your day (not good for a 15 minute break unless you clip the cigar and save it for later as it takes a long time to smoke this baby). Make sure though you have over an hour to smoke it or else clip it off and relight for later. Remember to always store a day in 70 degree environment humidor preferred if you can wait a day. A true gem for the price please try one you won’t regret it as I never write reviews but had to tell all those cigar fans about this. Happy smoking!

Robert B.

5 Vegas Gold No. 1

I really enjoyed this cigar; it was definitely mild in body, but had some nice flavors; not the sort of grassy flavors that tend to turn me off to Connecticut shade wrappers usually; just some nice sweet tobacco flavors, with some toasty wood. burn was perfect. I only wish it had been my first cigar of the day, because I think I would have been able to taste more flavors. But the price is great, and the cigar is really very good, if you like mild-bodied smokes.

Scotty G.

A 2 hour Treat

Dont let this large cigar scare you away. A beautiful Connecticut. shade wrapper with great construction. This cigar burned perfectly for almost two hours. A light peppery smoke that is smooth and creamy all the way through, though it does get a little fuller towards the end. Makes for a great after breakfast cigar when you dont want anything too bold. Despite being very smooth and mild, it has huge smoke and pleasant flavor of cinnamon, cream, leather, and sweet tobacco. But remember, its a 2 hour cigar! You have to make time for it. This is one of my outdoor cigars, long enough and constructed well enough, so I dont have to fuss with it. Its also mild enough to go with a good libation. The No 1, while mild is very flavorful and can stand by itself even if you dont drink. All for around $3. This beautiful cigar has no weaknesses. What a bargain! I plan on ordering more.

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5 Vegas Gold No.1

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