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Like flavored cigarettes, flavored cigars are definitely an acquired taste for some. For others, they define the smoking experience. Should you give them a try if you haven’t done so before? Unless you know for a fact that you really don’t want anything to come between you and your cigar tobacco, why not? You never know what you might find out, and especially so if you’re new to cigar smoking and still figuring out what you like, or you’ve been smoking for a while and you’re bored. Cigars can be flavored in different ways, which is something you’ll want to know about before going on this particular smoking journey. Some, like Acid Cigars from Drew Estates, get their enhanced tastes through a special process during which the leaves themselves are married with herbs and flowers. Others, like CAO, are infused with various food flavors like cream, cocoa, chocolate, and vanilla, among others, derived from syrups, liquors, and the actual foods themselves. Some are flavored with various liquors, ranging from rum to cognac to Kahlua. Others are capped and sealed with slightly sweetened gums, which can make them taste sugary. The flavors can be sprayed on, infused, or injected in various ways, and they can be applied to both wrapper and filler or just one of the two. Unlike unflavored cigar tobacco, which can remind one of such flavors as peanuts, chocolate, cream, coffee, and so on, flavored cigars are, well, flavored. You won’t be guessing at what the taste is when you smoke one, you’ll know it. Some are definitely more flavorful than others, however, which is another aspect to keep in mind when choosing them. Flavored cigars were typically cheap cigars—machine-made cigars are almost always flavored with something to improve the taste of the lower-end tobacco they contain—but there’s a big difference between them and premium flavored cigars. They might not be something you’d want to smoke often, but a certain flavor might be just the thing to pair with your favorite after-dinner cocktail or coffee. That said, you’ll want to keep them away from the other cigars in your humidor as the same substances that give them their flavor will definitely influence the others.