Tobacco Harvesting

The harvesting of tobacco for cigars is a difficult process and the proper time to begin harvesting depends upon a number of different factors. One aspect of harvesting tobacco plants focuses on taking the individual primings from the plant. There are generally seven primings in a tobacco plant, each priming representing a different level of tobacco from those closest to the ground to the leaves at the very top of the plant. The lower primings will generally have a greater percentage of moisture than the higher primings. The lowest primings tend to have less aroma, the middle primings tend to be most balanced and the highest primings tend to be the best leaves with the most aroma and flavor. The top two leaves of the tobacco plant are the corona – the last two leaves developed and the two leaves that enjoy the bulk of the sun. The corona is a superbly aromatic leaf, is highly sought after and creates some of the most flavorful wrappers. The priming, or reaping, of the tobacco, is typically done over the course of a few days. The lower primings are taken first, followed by the higher primings and then ultimately the corona leaves. Learn more about "The Life of a Cigar" and Tobacco Curing