Smoking Bans

I am not writing this article to tell you about my personal top ten list of cigars, creative ways to light a Cigar, or my first experience with a cigar, but what I am going to do is give my opinions on why most smoking bans are infringing on your rights to be an American and the foundations on what America is built. I also want to get the point across that smoking bans are just the tip of the iceberg for what is to come as more decisions are made for us by the “nanny state”. As I write this article our basic freedoms are under attack. Each and every day more and more municipalities continue to attack your rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. Cities, States, and other units of local government are choosing to take away your ability to make responsible decisions as an adult. They are making these decisions in the name of attempting to protect the environment and people’s health. The decisions are being made by people who feel that they know what is best for you. I think that I know what is best for me, don’t you? The basic idea that goes into most smoking bans is the idea that people who work in or frequent businesses where smoking takes place are exposed to “dangerous second-hand smoke”. The problem that I have with the previous sentence is two-fold. First, the science behind the dangers of second-hand smoke are not as solid as one might think. No one is sure how much exposure to smoke is harmful; there are many other pollutants that the body is exposed to on a daily basis of which we do not know the effects. Second and most important to me is that no one is forcing these people to work or frequent these businesses. As a responsible adult, you have the power to decide if you want to enter a bar where smoking is allowed. Who really goes to a bar for healthy activities? What these Anti-smoking laws are not doing is allowing you to make that choice, which is yours to make. Laws in the past were written by the government to protect the public from specific dangerous events that are illegal. Smoking is not illegal and the anti-smoking regulation that has been going into effect is taking away your decision to choose. Basically, they are trying to create a prohibition for tobacco. Did the prohibition for Alcohol work? No, it did not. All it did is create black markets for alcohol. The same thing is on the way for tobacco if we don’t keep smoking our choice. If states around the nation succeed in passing these bans it could lead to the closing of businesses, such as bars, restaurants, and tobacco lounges. Not only does this threaten people’s livelihoods, but it greatly limits where you can enjoy your favorite cigar. If the “nanny states” get their way, the complete ban on tobacco is not far away. Once the complete ban on tobacco is achieved many more freedoms will be lost. The tobacco bans are only the beginning of a very slippery slope. In conclusion, I feel that legal activities taking place on private property should be regulated by the owner of that property and not controlled by a “nanny” state. If the government is allowed to pass bans on private property what’s next? Cigar smoking is important to me, as I find it a relaxing event that I can do with my friends. I do not want to lose my right to smoke in my car or home. Smoking on my private property is something that I do not want to lose and I feel should never be taken away. I urge you to contact your local officials and remind them how important your rights are and that the enjoyment of Cigars is as important to you as it is to me.