Small Batch Cigars

Small-batch cigars occupy a small segment of the cigar market, and that’s exactly what their manufacturers intend them to do. These cigars are created in limited quantities, often very limited quantities, and are marketed to people looking for something different and who are willing to pay the price for it. No doubt about it, these cigars can be pricey--$15 a stick is pretty common, but far from the top of the price range. That would be occupied by cigars like Gurkha’s His Majesty’s Reserve. If you can find one, be prepared to pay around $750 for it. What makes a small-batch cigar different from the others? For starters, they’ll often contain specialty tobacco—either leaf that’s been specially aged or grown in a special way. As an example, the Arturo Fuente Anejo billed as one of the world’s rarest cigars, features a five-year-old dark Maduro Connecticut wrapper that’s aged in cognac barrels. Another example of a cigar in this category is the Camacho Liberty 2008. This cigar not only features an unusual candy-cane or barber-pole Maduro and Corojo wrapper, but it also contains a touch of pre-embargo Cuban tobacco in its filler. The way small-batch cigars are presented also sets them apart from many other cigars. Although not pictured here (it was removed when the cigar entered the humidor), the Camacho Liberty came in a hand-screened, numbered box—also called a coffin in the cigar world—that indicated its place in the 40,000-limited run that these cigars were manufactured in. Ornate, decorative bands enwrapping the head and foot also commemorate the year of release. The Camacho Liberty 2008 is scarce to non-obtainable but we have plenty of other offerings from Camacho if you want to give this line a try. Crafted of Honduran tobacco, Camacho offers medium- to full-bodied cigars noted for their distinctive, balanced flavor. The Arturo Fuente Anejo not only came safely encased in an identifying cello wrapper, but it also is safely nestled in a Spanish cedar overwrap and on top of that a ribbon at the foot. Talk about protection; this cigar has it all. Check our store for availability on this one; even at $17-plus a stick, they’re in high demand.