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Have you ever been to a running of the Kentucky Derby? Talk about high powered horsepower and even more high powered Cigars. Kentucky is known for three things, fast Horses, great Bourbon, and Tobacco. I don't know if this is the proper order of the three. From Millionaires Row to the Infield, you can smell the aroma of the Cigar. From the expensive to the cheapest, they are there. While attending the Derby, I am always asked what cigar brand I'm puffing away on. People all around remark on the fine aroma. They wish they had one to puff on while reading the daily racing form. There's something special about a good cigar when placing a bet. Even if you are not on Millionaires Row and rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, it does not prevent you from lighting up one of the top brands. That's the best thing about a cigar enthusiast, it has nothing to do with how much you are worth. We can puff away on the most expensive cigar with the world's richest people. We may have to save up to buy the finest, but at least they are not off-limits. Cigar smoking levels the playing ground. Race tracks across the nation should carry them. I would like to suggest to the Cigar industry, that they contact the race track industry and try to work something out to have these available. There is a huge demand for them at post time. Think of the thousands who attend each and every day. This amount is tenfold at the running of the Triple Crown as well as the Breeders Cup and the many other special races throughout the year. The cigar industry show go for it. They sell cigarettes which are a tobacco product, why not some fine sticks? Think of what it could mean to your industry. Watching your horse cross the finish line in first place with a $30 stick or a $2 in your mouth has the same feel, one of feeling important as your horse comes in first. You look around to tell someone you bet on that horse to win. Never mind about the other nine races you lost. It doesn't matter. You send up big billows of gray smoke. They start to wonder just who the hell you are. The stick in your mouth knows no gender nor does it distinguish between classes. That's the most important part of the cigar industry, anyone can buy them ( of course you have to be 21 ). I have been to many race tracks and would love to see some fine Cigars in a nice Humi. We think we came prepared with enough sticks to last until the end of the day, however with me, I wind up giving one or two away to a first timer and then run short. I don't feel bad about this, as I am helping the cigar industry. Hopefully, maybe someone will contact the tracks and work out a deal to have them there for those of us who run out or those who want to smoke one for the very first time. The Cigar industry is starting to boom again. Think about how much more could be added. The smell of the smoke is not irritating any longer. Even the non smokers, at times, find the smell sweet. Many golf courses carry them, so why not the race tracks? Jump on the bandwagon boys, and cross the finish line in the first place. Oh, I almost forgot, they go well with great Kentucky Bourbon too!
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