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Dear Cigarsdirect, I got your package in the mail today. You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for your support and your extremely generous donation of Cigars and humidor. My platoon went out on a mission this morning and detained a Al-Qaeda terrorist that we've been going after for a while. After a long day we returned to our combat outpost and broke out the Cigars for a celebration. It was perfect timing and YOU made a lot of soldiers very happy. Here are some photos from this afternoon and also from our earlier patrol. Also here is a link to a website that collects news stories about our unit and what we are doing in Iraq. My platoon specializes in conducting raids and going after "targets" mainly Al-Qaeda that is developed through the many intelligence networks. Many of these missions take place at night; however, we also have started transitioning to mare day patrols developing the local Iraqi government councils and trying the get the Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army to take the lead in securing their country. We currently live at a small combat outpost with the Iraqi Army where we train them and conduct joint patrols with them daily. Thanks again for all your support. I'll send you another e-mail down the road with an update. Take care, Captain J US Army, Infantry
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