Cigars and the World Around Them

Category_Cigarsby Juan Panesso


Cigars have been with us for not just centuries but thousands of years. It’s believed the Mayans smoked a form of cigars two thousand years ago. Since that time cigars have stepped in and out of popularity worldwide. It was in the 1500s that Cuban peasants started growing the tobacco which is now famous.

Cigars are enjoying a popularity boom in the United States that is unprecedented. A result of this popularity is a plethora of new cigar manufacturers and old manufacturers adding new products. It’s hard to keep up.

Many of today’s cigar makers produce limited additions and anniversary models. The only way to determine professed quality is to either sample the Cigar yourself or read reviews written by knowledgeable consumers (who’s taste may or may not be similar to your own).

The language of cigars can be confusing whether we’re talking about size in terms of length corona, Churchill, Robusto or width i.e. ring size, size does matter. Major determinations are what feels comfortable and how much time you have. Do you need a “dog walking cigar” or an “eighteen holer”?

Wrappers are another area of interest and confusion. The difference between natural, nude, Connecticut, virgin, sun-grown and other light wrappers can baffle anyone. Ask someone what the difference between natural and Maduro is and they will usually tell you Maduro is stronger. This is not necessarily true! Maduro wrappers due to the fermentation process may be more flavorful but no stronger than a natural wrapper.

There are some very tasty inexpensive hand-rolled cigars. If you look there are bundles that you can get for about 50 cents a stick. These everyday Cigars may be more appropriate for when you're doing yard work or other chores. Of the top end cigars $6-$30 range, there are hundreds of choices. Whether pick by country Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican or Cuban they all have exceptional choices.

Be careful of counterfeits! While Cubans are the most frequently counterfeited other countries are too. That’s the reason for the double serial numbered labels on Padron Anniversary series. I have been to many a legitimate cigar shop in Canada where the Cubans were counterfeit!

Whatever your choices end up being Cigar smoking promises to be an enjoyable adventure. Now find a place to relax and enjoy.