Cigar Culture

What is cigar culture? cigar smokers are connoisseurs, similar to wine connoisseurs. We enjoy the good life, and our desire to enjoy various types of cigars (or wine) is just one facet of our attitude towards living. Cigars are an affordable luxury, which can be enjoyed while either relaxing alone or celebrating with friends. Cigar smokers have a high degree of taste and refinement, are successful in most of their endeavors, and enjoy celebrating that success. Cigar smokers know how to enhance, prolong, or even create a special moment by lighting up a cigar. Smoking a cigar can extend the enjoyment of an aesthetic experience, and can actually transform it into a special occasion that you will always remember. And sometimes it really doesn't matter which cigar you are smoking. The experience of just puffing on a cigar while listening to music, or while enjoying a little comradery with friends, can make such occasions memorable. Thus, a big part of cigar culture is the desire to create or enhance special occasions by simply enjoying cigars!