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The Final Product As soon as the cigar is out of the roller's hands, it can be smoked. But you had better smoke quickly because, after a few days, the cigar will become “sick”. It will go through a period of 30­60 days where the flavors and aromas are not proper due to changing characteristics. After that period of time, however, the cigar will stabilize and return to its proper flavor and aroma. During this period, the cigars are sorted by blend and stored in an aging room. They can sit for any period of time, often much longer than 60 days. Eventually, the cigars are wrapped in bands and boxed for shipment. Eventually, one of those boxes lands on your doorstep and those cigars make their way into your humidor, ready to be enjoyed. I’ll bet you didn’t realize just how much time, dedication and passion went into creating that little stick of tobacco, though. Almost every day of the year, A.J. Fernandez or a master­blender just like him is walking through a tobacco field, leafing through piles of tobacco or testing out a new batch – all this just to guarantee your cigars are of top­notch quality. So next time you light up a stogie, remember the people out there behind the scenes, working hard for your enjoyment.
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