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Back in 1961, at the age of 35, Jose Orlando Padron was a Cuban refugee, trying to restart his life in Miami.

Virtually penniless, a friend gave him a gift that was the turning point in his life. It was a hammer.

That hammer allowed him to work as a carpenter and save $600 to start a factory making cigars.

You could say the rest is history.

We love how his tenacity paid off, and even today, we're enjoying the fruit of those labors!

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Boxes: 15% off
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Consistently amazing, the Padron company is known for its distinctive blending of Nicaraguan tobaccos and innovative box-pressed cigars. Most popular are the Anniversary cigars like Padron 1964, Padron 1926, and the Thousand Series. The whole brand is on sale until midnight Feb 28!

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~Juan Panesso
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