Cigar accessories

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About Cigar Accessories

Cigars are a culture, a larger experience than the simple activity of smoking a fine stogie. The equipment used to store your cigars, selecting the right stogie for the occasion, preparing it for lighting, and even a place to rest it between draws are all part of the experience. Our cigar accessories add pleasure, ambience, style and convenience every time you put them to use. They will become valued accoutrements you look forward to employing.

In order to bring you the very best, we select only those accessories with demonstrated quality in their design and materials, and outstanding performance delivered with ease use. Peruse our entire line of accessories, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know. We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs. Our selection of cigar humidors in various styles and sizes house your cigars in elegance and assist you in aging them to peak flavor. Add one of our quality humidifiers and maintain the optimal humidity for flavor and burn quality. Our handy and handsome cigar cases allow you to carry a supply for ready access anytime. When it comes time to enjoy one of your choicest sticks, we offer distinctive cutters that complete the task with ease and style, along with a selection of lighters from the best names in cigar accessories. And while most cigar lovers enjoy the feel of having their favorite stick in hand, you’ll want one of our ashtrays handy that blend form and function, so you can use both hands while reading the 2009 Edition of Perleman’s Cyclopedia of Cigars, or recording your comments in the Cigar Dossier. We are happy to offer both books.

Our accessories are perfect for your personal needs and they make fantastic gifts for cigars lovers in your life. They amplify the pleasure of enjoying a favorite cigar by yourself or in cherished company.