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View our complete selection of Padron Cigars:
More than 125 years ago the Padron Cigar legacy was begun by family Patriarch Damaso Padron. His garden for producing world renowned tobaccos was the legendary Pinar del Rio region of the Motherland, Cuba. In 1964 Jose Padron set up shop in Miami and began what we now know as Padron Cigars. He and the family began growing their tobaccos in Nicaragua, in soil and climate very similar to the perfect environment in Cuba. The company was moved to Nicaragua in 1970, and more political upheaval caused significant hardship for the family. But the Padrons were not swayed from producing fantastic cigars. Their will would not be bent. They knew they had the knowledge, experience, seed, soil and vision, so they persevered. In the early 90ís they began showcasing their dynamic product lines at trade shows and the revolution on the commercial side was started.

While many skeptics wondered if their tobaccos were too strong for the market they used the strength of their products and turned it to their advantage. Today cigar lovers who want something that packs some punch think first of Padron. The family continues to oversee every detail of the business. Their agronomists are second to none. Don Pepin Garcia selected many of the best early blends and now the blending duties fall mainly to Ernesto Padron. He has proved worthy of the honor. Many of his mixes have received very high ratings from the most prestigious publications in the cigar world. Ratings in the 90ís abound across the board for Padron. The 1926 Serie are well-decorated with the Serie 9 given a stunning 97 rating by Cigar Aficionado. The 1964 Serie has been just as well received while the Padron Serie which includes the Thousand Serie Cigars dominates its niche with great ratings and tremendous value.

When you want to know what an obsession to great cigar making tastes like, one that encompasses every detail, pick up a box of Padrons. Youíll taste more than a century of know-how, skill and raw determination. Youíll taste some of the best cigars to ever grace your humidor.

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