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Rocky Patel

Rocky, the man behind the brand, is part of a new generation of cigar makers that has produced some of the best cigar lines in the last couple of decades. Unlike so many of the leading lights in the industry, with names like Fuente, Oliva and Perdomo, Rocky was not raised to the art of growing great tobacco and rolling premium cigars. He has incredible respect for those revered families and their traditional ways, and emulates them in many labels such as the boxed pressed RP Vintage 1992 cigars. He came by cigar making very differently. Patelís passion for producing great cigars began in Hollywood, and that is a long, long way from Esteli, Condega or the San Agustin Valley. As an attorney for cigar loving clients with names like Hackman and Schwarzenegger, he was offered a steady stream of Montecristos, Macanudos and Fuentes. How could he not fall in love with world class cigars?
His newfound hobby intersected his entrepreneurial spirit and ignited a passion. The cigar boom of the 1990ís was just beginning and he joined it on the production side, quickly making his way to the head of the class of newcomers that included brands like Drew Estates and Alec Bradley. He began scouring the finest growing regions in Nicaragua, Honduras and the DR in search of the best leaves he could find. Not beholden to any region or farm, his lines use the best of the best. The RP Vintage 1990 cigars feature Honduran tobaccos while the Sun Grown line employs Nicaraguan fillers. The RP fusion melds Nicaraguan, Honduran and Cameroon leaves with tasty results.
Rocky Patel continues to produce some of the most highly rated and beloved cigars produced anywhere. They emphasize excellent construction with a traditional look and near-perfect smoking qualities. Most Rocky Patel labels are moderately strong to very strong and deliver full flavor. When you smoke an RP cigar you will appreciate Patelís superb blend of tradition and a cutting edge approach to making great cigars.
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