Padron Samplers Padron Samplers 1964 ANNIVERSARY SAMPLERS Padron Samplers
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ABOUTPadron Samplers 1964 Anniversary Samplers

Padron Samplers Padron Samplers
In the world of top-quality handmade premium cigars the name Padron signifies outstanding quality and sticks that feature some of the most flavorful tobaccos grown in Nicaragua, or anywhere for that matter. When Padron cigar samplers are available, cigar connoisseurs know they offer highly rated, flavorful cigars at a discounted price, put together in a sampler pack as a way to introduce a wider audience to their products. At times these Padron cigar samplers will include cigars from their most respected lines, like the collection found in the Padron Sampler Box of 8 cigars. It features 3 Padron 1926 Anniversary sticks, 3 Padron 1964 Anniversary cigars, and 2 Padron Original series smokes. To add to the desirability, the sampler is available sporting either natural or Maduro wrappers. Sometimes a Padron sample pack will feature several sizes of the same label, or in the case of the Padron No. 88 Cigar Sampler, one size in 5 different labels, including one each of the ’64 Anniversary, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 sticks. Any way you find them, these Padron cigar samplers are a perfect opportunity for the Padron enthusiast to enjoy his or her favorite cigars or to pass on the love of a good thing to other cigar enthusiasts they know. Search for all the finest Padron cigar samplers online at cigar stores with the best selection on the web. CigarsDirect.com features a constantly updated inventory of the classics as well as the new cigars that are creating a buzz in the cigar scene. And they offer outstanding deals on samplers from all your favorite brands or the ones you’ve been looking forward to trying.