Ashton Samplers

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ABOUTAshton Samplers

Ashton makes a high quality line of cigars that has earned the respect of cigar aficionados with outstanding quality and truly great taste. The only trouble involves getting a hold of these highly sought after sticks. A great way to do just that is to pick up one of the Ashton samplers, featuring collections of their absolute best cigars at prices that are usually below standard retail price. They represent a great opportunity to score some of your personal favorites or to pick up those of a friend, client, or potential leading lady you want to make a splash with. Our Ashton VSG Sampler goes 10 cigars deep and includes dynamic VSG’s in each size they make. You’ll get one each of the Illusion, Spellbound, Robusto, Sorcerer, Torpedo, Belicoso #1, and more. We also carry two 5-cigar Ashton samplers. One collection, the Ashton Variety sampler, comes in a nice but nothing special wooden box that lets these great smokes do the impressing: Aged Maduro #40, Magnum, Cabinet Pyramid, 898, and the rare VSG Robusto. A second 5-pack delivers cigars that can certainly hold their own with any handmade cigars, but offers a deluxe box, too. The Ashton VSG sampler has “Happy Father’s Day” or “Merry Whatever” written all over it, and delivers exclusivity with one each Belicos No.1, Torpedo, Sorcerer, Corona Gorda, and Robusto. We are proud to make these quality Ashton cigar samplers available to our customers at prices below those that traditional smoke shops can touch. Our mission is to bring to you the widest selection and prices that will put a smile on your face and a great supply of top-rated cigars in your pocket or humidor. See all our top cigar samplers when you shop with us today.