Genesis The Project Ashtray Sampler

Genesis The Project Ashtray Sampler Genesis The Project Ashtray Sampler

You may not have heard of him, but you or one of your cigar-puffing forebears has probably smoked a Ramon Bueso blend before. Toiling away at the Villazon factory in Honduras, he was ultimately part of the team that produced blends for Hoyo de Monterrey, Excalibur, and Punch in the old days. Since he made his bones, he’s had a hand in more blends than we can count, honestly.

Ramon Bueso has worked in the cigar industry for decades. Even as a young boy, he helped his grandmother string together tobacco leaves at Angelo Oliva’s “Gina” farm. Eventually, he went to work in the Honduras American Tobacco Factory as an apprentice buncher. He learned many aspects of the business under the tutelage of cigar legends like Edgar Cullman Sr., Frank Llaneza, and Estelo Padrón. Eventually, he rose to become a master in his own right.

As he’s said before, his passion is in inspecting and selecting the best tobacco. Really finding those unique bales that will produce high-quality, flavorful cigars. And he knows his stuff. This madman has said he smokes over 15 cigars a day! Sunup to sundown with a cigar lit and smoking… that’s an old-school love of tobacco.

Genesis the Project stogies are his first personal line of cigars, and he’s brought all his tobacco selecting skills to bear. Genesis cigars are built on aged Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers, a binder from Jamastran, and a very dark triple-fermented Connecticut broadleaf Maduro wrapper. The mix is actually incredible, offering flavors of light baking spice, fig, chocolate malt, and more. Genesis the Project cigars are decently strong at a medium-full, but still balanced, sweet, and creamy.

This listing gets you six Genesis The Project by Ramon Bueso Robusto Extras, which each measure 5.5 x 50. You’ll find them in a small pull-out drawer in your Genesis The Project Wooden Ashtray. It’s a handsome little number with four cigar rests that you can keep using long after you’ve enjoyed the stogies in the Genesis the Project Ashtray Sampler. Once the cigars are out, you might even be able to use the drawer to store your lighter and cutter, if they’re slim enough. The dimensions of the entire wood piece are 7" x 7" x 2.5".

Genesis is the start of something magnificent. And even though Ramon Bueso has been working in cigars for decades, the Genesis the Project Ashtray Sampler signifies the beginning of the next exciting chapter.

Enjoy this blend before he takes off!

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Genesis The Project Ashtray Sampler

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