Nicaraguan Cigars -- The finest cigars from Nicaragua

Nicaraguan Cigars

The Nicaraguan Cigars industry has deep roots in the fertile soils and world-class expertise of Cuba. Some of the best Nicaraguan Cigars produced today are grown from Habano and Ligero seeds, two seeds or distinct Cuban pedigree. The men who built the industry mainly left Cuba post-revolution to pursue their craft in freedom, and the Nicaraguan Cigars they’ve produced in the last 4-5 decades show incredible quality and taste.

What they found in Nicaragua was a climate conducive to tobacco growing, and soils as rich in nutrients as anything they’d left behind. Now, every cigar connoisseur knows the names Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa, three regions in the country that produce the best Nicaraguan Cigars of all, delivering a flavor intensity many refer to as the Nic Kick. And even if you aren’t a geography fan, no doubt you’ve enjoyed leaf from these hotbeds of excellence. A brief overview of just a few of the regions products reads like a “best of” list any cigar lover would be happy to have in his or her humidor.

Some of the best selling lines from Oliva, one of the oldest cigar making families around, employ primarily Nicaraguan leaf, so are true Nicaraguan Cigars. Try the Serie G Maduro, the Oliva Master Blends I (2003) which is one top shelf puro, the Oliva Master Blends III which prove you can keep going to the Nicaraguan well and coming back with something fantastic, the Oliva Serie G Cameroon and Serie O line, which boasts Nicaraguan tobaccos grown from all Cuban seed.

Other single lines of Nicaraguan Cigars well worth a try include the Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte that will knock your socks off with a full-bodied smoke, the Rocky Patel Sun Grown and the RP 1992 Vintage, a pair of beauties from highly esteemed Montecristo, the Platinum and the White, and several RyJ varieties including the Viejo and Reserve Real. Saving the best Nicaraguan Cigars for last, the sticks that typically enjoy the greatest devotion from Nic enthusiasts include the Partagas Cifuentes 2005, the Perdomo La Tradicion Reserve, Don Pepin Garcia Cigars, and the Matasa 30th Anniversary stick.