Honduran Cigars -- The finest cigars from Honduras


Honduran tobacco growers had been turning out nice Honduran Cigars for more than a century, but the game changed completely when Cuban cigar makers fled nationalization after the revolution and landed in countries like Honduras. In the 1960’s the finest Cuban cigar making practices, traditions, and depth of knowledge were put to use in places like the city of Danli, El Paraiso, and the Jamastran Valley. It certainly encouraged the growth of quality Honduran Cigars that Cuban tobacco seed smuggled out of Cuba grew beautifully in these rich soils and near-perfect climate. The stage was set for the best Honduran Cigars to take their place among premium offerings in the industry, regardless of origin.

Today, many Honduran Cigars have their roots in Cuba. In their cigar lines, the discriminating aficionado will discern the unmistakable flavor of Cuban seed and the look of stogies with Cuban heritage, and also enjoy some Honduran puros that are very respectable in quality and taste. While many manufacturers are located in Honduras, Honduran tobacco is being used by cigar makers everywhere. Our top choices for Honduran Cigars include these fine lines:

Rocky Patel varieties using primarily Honduran tobaccos include RP 1990, RP 1992, RP Sun Grown, Olde World Reserve, the Edge by RP, and the RP Gran Habano. Punch Honduran Cigars featuring Honduran leaf include the Gran Puro, Gran Cru, Punch Deluxe, and the Rare Gran Corojo lines. Other varieties you’ll want to taste when searching for quality Honduran Cigars include Danli Reserve, La Fontana Vintage, Carlos Torano Casa Torano and Comacho Corojo cigars, termed by one leading cigar authority, “the best Habano outside Cuba!”

Got a friend who’s partial to Hondurans, or want to add a nice supply to your collection? We have all these and more. We invite you to click through our full inventory of cigars for the finest Honduran Cigars with Cuban bloodlines yet a taste all their own.