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Are you interested in trying some new cigars from your favorite cigar maker, but don’t know which sticks to select? Cigar samplers are a reliable way to experience new varieties and sizes from the manufacturers you trust. A common misconception about cigar samplers is that they are simply a collection of underperforming cigars with poor sales. While that may be true in a rare instance, most top makers of premium cigars use their samplers as advertising, as showcases, really, and as a way to expose you to a wider variety of their cigars so you’ll purchase more of your stock from them. If you enjoy Brand X’s medium bodied robusto with a Connecticut shade wrapper, Brand Y will try to lure you to their sticks by including one of your favorite types in their sampler. You get the point, and you also understand why purchasing cigar samplers is a great way to get some of the best cigars available at discounted prices. If you want some clear evidence of this, do the math, so to speak, on the cigars offered in cigar samplers from reputable online cigar retailers like us. You’ll typically find that the cigar samplers cost less than the sum total of the individual sticks, and if you check cigar ratings and cigar reviews, will find the cigars offered are of the highest quality. we offer a tempting assortment of special samplers than include many world class sticks that deserve a spot in any collection. Their selection changes over time, but recent offerings include the 2009 Don Carlos Edicion de Aniversario Box of four, an Anejo Sampler of very rare cigars, a Gurkha Master Select Robusto #4 5 Pack at more than 50% off, the Padilla Commemorative Sampler at more than 50% off, Ashton VSG Samplers, and more, from names like Opus X, Padron 1964, 5 Vegas, and Hemingway. That list pretty much destroys the notion cigar samplers are a way to dump junk cigars on an unsuspecting public! Grab a handful of cigar samplers for your humidor or to make great gifts for the cigar enthusiasts in your personal and professional life.