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Top 5-Packs From $50 – $75

Whatever price you’re looking for, we’ve got cigar 5-packs to suit your budget. Our offerings from $50-75 feature a ton of the very best 5-pack cigars. Here you’ll find...
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  • AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes Maduro Toro
  • Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Eye Of The Shark
  • Drew Estate Tabak Especial Negra Toro Exclusive
  • AJ Fernandez Viva La Vida JESTER
  • Arturo Fuente Casa Cuba Divine Inspiration
  • Padron 1926 Anniversary No.6 Maduro
  • Padron 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo Maduro
  • Drew Estate Liga Privada No.9 Robusto
  • Drew Estate Liga Privada No.9 Toro
  • Gift Card
  • Padron 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo Natural
  • Blue Bamboo Ashtray Set
  • Padron 1964 Anniversary Principe Maduro
  • Padron 1926 Anniversary No.6 Natural
  • Arturo Fuente Casa Cuba Doble Cinco Robusto
  • Arturo Fuente Rosado Sungrown Magnum R Vitola 54