Tatuaje Cohetes Tres Amigos Sampler

Tatuaje Cohetes Tres Amigos Sampler

This Tatuaje Cohetes Tres Amigos Sampler consists of one of each of the Sumatra, Habano, and Broadleaf Cigars all made in Nicaragua. These Petite Robusto cigars are 4.00 in length and have a ring gauge of 50.

Look at those beauties – how could you pick just one? Well, with the Tatuaje Cohetes Tres Amigos Sampler, you don’t have to. You get one of each of the Cohetes family.

Amazingly, though the wrappers look quite similar, they’re each a totally different type.

The first is an Ecuadorian habano. This is the original cover leaf type that the Cohetes was launched within 2006 all those years ago.

The next is an Ecuadorian Sumatra that powers an incredibly complex and flavorful smoking experience.

The final wrapper is a Pete Johnson favorite: genuine Connecticut broadleaf.

To tell them apart, the original is the one that carries only the simple brown band that Tatuaje fans will recognize as a company signature. The Sumatra leaf version has the white and gold “Capa Especial” band. The broadleaf Cohete sports that spiffy black and gold “Reserva” band.

Ok, the introductions are out of the way. What do the cigars in the Tatuaje Cohetes Tres Amigos Sampler taste like?

They’ve all got a core of Nicaraguan-long fillers. The “original” with the Habano wrapper is best described in simple terms as earthy and spicy. It’s more or less a classic Cubanesque profile loosely along the lines that José “Don Pepin” Garcia built a long time ago when he and Tatuaje were both just getting acquainted with the market. Now both are well known, and this is one of the slabs of the foundation they built.

The Sumatra is satisfyingly complex, with notes of black pepper, raisin, dark chocolate, and honey. For a Sumatra smoke, it really ought to bring in some new fans. It’s surprisingly friendly and enjoyable.

The Connecticut broadleaf Cohete (which means “rocket” in Spanish) has the grilled meat, coffee, and hickory flavors you might expect. It’s a great addition not just to the Tatuaje cavalcade of broadleaf blends, but to any broadleaf section in your humidor. Tatuaje founder Pete Johnson has a well-known fondness for this rough and rustic leaf, and if he’s wrapping a cigar with a particular crop, we’re betting it’s a great example of the varietal.

These 4 x 50 short Robusto rockets are blasting off to a humidor near you. Unfortunately, we have to recommend that, if you’re interested, you act fast on them! Tatuaje says that the line is going on hiatus for a few years once this run sells out. We hate to rush anything because it’s so against what cigars are all about, but sometimes it can’t be avoided with these hot limited editions.

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Tatuaje Cohetes Tres Amigos Sampler

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