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Rocky Patel Toro Tubo Sampler
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Rocky Patel Toro Tubo Sampler

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Rocky Patel Toro Tubo Sampler Description

This six cigar collection of top-shelf sticks are packed in individual aluminum tubos to keep things as fresh as possible. These turbos also make excellent collectibles. Here we have an assortment of some of the highest-rated smoke Rocky has to offer.

The Rocky Patel Toro Tubo Sampler contains one each of the following cigars.

Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary

Rocky Patel is nothing if not a man who loves a good anniversary. The 93-rated 15th Anniversary serves as a marker in time commemorating Rocky’s first decade and a half in the cigar world. This stogie is made in Nicaragua, and it wants you to know it. A Nicaraguan binder and tobaccos put in work inside an Ecuadoran wrapper to produce a rich experience of nuts, spice, cocoa, and espresso. The 15th Anniversary is a medium to full-bodied smoke not to be missed. So come and join the celebration! It’s never too late.

Rocky Patel Decade

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars has stated that the Decade line’s 95 rating results from its balance, complexity, and elegance. We couldn’t agree more. We also know a blend like this doesn’t happen in a day or two or even a year. Truth be told, it took 10 years to perfect this beast. Though, that’s not the origin of its name. The Decade caps 10 years of cigar industry success for Rocky Patel, and it’s probably the high point of the Rocky Patel Toro Tubo Sampler.

Released back in 2008, the Decade is still one of Rocky’s top-selling cigars. A gorgeous Sumatran wrapper, oily and toothy, covers a Nicaraguan binder and secret blend of high-quality tobaccos. Get the Decade burning and wood, nuts, leather, and pepper flavors flood the palate. There is a long and savory finish on this medium to full-bodied cigar.

Pick up one of our Rocky Patel Toro Tubo Samplers to make it a decade to remember.

Rocky Patel Vintage 1990

The Vintage 1990 received an incredible 92 rating from Cigar Aficionado. Let’s snoop around a bit and see what makes this highly-rated blend tick.

Much of this cigar’s success is owed to its Honduran Maduro wrapper, which ages for twelve full years. During this time, the leaf loses strength while gaining complexity. Wrap this Maduro around eight-year-old Nicaraguan and Dominican Ligero fillers, and you’ve got a medium-bodied cigar that leans a touch toward the mild. The Vintage 1990 is a well-balanced and smooth treat with cedar, espresso, earth, and caramel notes.

If the weather permits, burn one on a morning walk as the sun rises.

Rocky Patel Vintage 1999

Are we going to smoke like it’s 1999 or what? The Rocky Patel Vintage line is home to some of the cigar industry’s highest ratings, and the 91-rated Vintage 1999 is part of this recurring theme. Like other offerings in the Vintage canon, here we have a complex, mild cigar loaded with character. An eight-year-old blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-leaf Ligeros rests within a seven-year-old Connecticut wrapper. The result is a creamy smoke laced with toasted wood, earth, and tiny hints of spice toward the end. Enjoy this one with your morning coffee to take in the calm before the storm.

Please enjoy the Rocky Patel Toro Tubo Sampler at your leisure.

1 - Rocky Patel Sungrown Toro
1 - Rocky Patel Decade Toro
1 - Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary Toro
1 - Rocky Patel Royale Toro
1 - Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Toro
1 - Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Toro