Oliva Dynamic Dozen Sampler

Oliva Dynamic Dozen Sampler

The Olivia Cigar Co. has held a top spot in the handmade Nicaraguan cigar industry for some time. They boast several 90+ rated lines and even a Cigar of the Year win. All of this is great, but the cigars one favor are truly subjective. What we’re trying to say here is if you haven’t sampled the world of Oliva, don’t take our word for it. Grab one of our Oliva Dynamic Dozen Samplers, and see if Oliva is right for you. We have a feeling you’ll fall hard for these incredible sticks.

The Oliva Dynamic Dozen Sampler contains two each of the following cigars.

Oliva Serie G Maduro

Leading things off is the 93-rated Oliva Serie G Maduro. These pyramid-shaped cigars pack in the Nicaraguan Habano long-fillers. A Cuban-seed Habano Nicaraguan binder cradles this blend, and a dark, oily, tooth-ridden Connecticut broadleaf Maduro wrapper pulls it all together. The result is a medium-bodied smoke delivering a satisfying experience of spice, coffee, cedar, sweetness, and pepper. The G Maduro has an even burn and clean draw. Expect a smooth smoke all the way down.

Oliva Serie G

Next in the Oliva Dynamic Dozen Sampler, we have the 91-rated Oliva Serie G. A cloak and dagger Oliva family blend rests at the heart of this cigar. We do know the blend is comprised of Nicaraguan Habano long-fillers wrapped up in a feisty Cuban-seed Habano Nicaraguan binder. Then an aged, African Cameroon leaf brings everything together, and the Oliva Serie G is ready for its close-up—with your lighter.
Once this beauty is burning, you’ll first experience sweet and creamy chocolate flavors. A little way down the stick and notes of coffee, leather, and cedar poke their heads out. The grand finale involves quite an increase of creamy chocolate with a fresh appearance of sweet tobacco.

Enjoy this medium-bodied treat over a card game, and you’re in paradise.

Oliva Serie O

Enter the Oliva Serie O. This one is perfecto-shaped, and an incredibly difficult roll that tapers at both ends. Only the best rollers have the skill to complete the Perfecto. This is one of the reasons the shape is so popular—you know that your cigar was in the best hands possible before landing in yours. The 94-rated Oliva Serie O was named one of Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 Cigars for 2013. And this is nothing new—Oliva has held a top spot since 2005, save 2015.

This Nicaraguan puro is built in the tradition of Cuban cigars by utilizing Habano seeds to grow top-notch tobacco in Condega, Estelí, and Jalapa Valley. The blend is held tight with a Habano binder. The cigar is topped off with a sun-grown Habano wrapper. Once smoking, this medium to full-bodied stick covers the palate with spiciness, cedar, and earth flavors. Move further down the cigar, and these continue, but a new sweet flavor appears. By the smoke’s end, the cedar is stealing the show while coffee and nuts make a small cameo.

Oliva Serie O Maduro

With the 90-rated Oliva Serie O Maduro, you’re getting straight Nicaraguan Habano tobacco. Holding this spicy mix together is a Nicaraguan binder. Just above that is an oiled-out, vein-ridden, toothy, black Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. This wrapper lends a sweetness to this full-bodied cigar which keeps it balanced and smooth. Light this number up, and you’re immediately taken in by the sweet and spicy aroma. You’ll also get flavor notes of black pepper, earth, spice, and leather.

If you like a little smooth with your strong, grab the Oliva Dynamic Dozen Sampler and head straight for the O.

Oliva Serie V

Cigar Aficionado named the 95-rated Oliva Serie V 2017’s number three cigar. Also known as the “Ligero Especial,” this Nicaraguan puro isn’t messing around. Super-fermented Jalapa Valley Ligero goes to work inside a Nicaraguan binder covered with a Habano sun-grown wrapper. The result is a smooth and creamy smoke laced with flavors of coffee, spice, chocolate, and sweetness.

Oliva Connecticut Reserve

Closing things out in the Oliva Dynamic Dozen Sampler is the Oliva Connecticut Reserve. This blonde beauty is a mellow to medium-bodied cigar you do not want to miss. At its core, we find a Nicaraguan binder cradling aged Nicaraguan long-fillers. A silky Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper finishes things off while adding a creamy component to the smoke.

The Oliva Connecticut Reserve starts with the spiciness we’ve come to expect in a Nicaraguan cigar. Shortly after that, flavors of cedar, sweetness, nuts, and pepper enter the mix. Keep smoking and its leather and an uptick of the nutty flavor as the cedar and pepper linger. At the stogie’s end, coffee, nuts, and leather dominate.

Please enjoy the Oliva Dynamic Dozen Sampler at your leisure.

2 - Oliva Serie G Maduro Belicoso (5.0" x 52)
2 - Oliva Serie G Toro (6.0" x 50)
2 - Oliva Serie O Perfecto (5.0" x 55)
2 - Oliva Serie O Maduro Robusto (5.0" x 50)
2 - Oliva Serie V Double Robusto (5.0" x 54)
2 - Oliva Connecticut Reserve Robusto (5.0" x 50)

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Oliva Dynamic Dozen Sampler

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