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Montecristo Yeti Gift Set

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Montecristo Yeti Gift Set Description

Are we going camping, fishing, hunting, boatingâ or just hitting a Jobsite? Whichever one we're doing, the Montecristo Yeti Gift Set has the two key essentials: delicious full-bodied cigars and sturdy drink holders for hot coffee, cool whiskey, and everything in between. In this gift set, youâ're getting:

6 - Montecristo Epic cigars (6 x 52 toro)
6 - Montecristo White cigars (6 x 54 toro)
2 - YETI Ramblers (10 oz. lowball)

Letâ's delve into the details of this cigar gift set.

6 - Montecristo Epic cigars (6 x 52 toro)

No matter what you think when you smoke it, this will be one of the most well-made cigars you ever hold in your hands (or that your recipient will). The most Epic thing about this Montecristo cigar is the fact that it was made by the best rollers at Altadisâ's Tabacalera de Garcia factory in the Dominican Republic. They call them the â"Grupo de Maestros" and together, these elite torcedores have hundreds of years of cigar making expertise.

That means one thing is pretty much guaranteed: excellent construction and burn.

Compared to the larger portfolio of Montecristo cigars, the Epic blend is designed to be more flavorful and full-bodied. This doesnâ't mean that strength is overpowering, though. Epic cigars land at medium-full, resting just a notch beneath the strongest offerings on the market.

The tobaccos chosen are high quality, comprised of a handsome Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, and long-aged Dominican and Nicaraguan long-filler leaf that has been maturing for over a decade. The flavors are earthy and peppery, with hints of exotic spice. As you go along, youâ'll taste the flavors of creamy coffee, and then citrus towards the end.


6 - Montecristo White cigars (6 x 54 toro)

The Montecristo White blend is a perfect companion for the Epic because where the Epic is robust and intense, White band cigars are smooth and mellow. These cigars are made in the mold of other easygoing premium Dominicans like Ashtons or Macanudos, and the flavor profile is quite similar. The smoke is creamy and a touch sweet, with some notes of honey, ginger, and pepper. Itâ's all resting on a core of leathery cedar, and the tastes are absolutely classic.

This profile is built not just on Dominican tobacco, of course. The long-filler blend also includes Nicaraguan leaf, and the wrapper is â"shade-grown” in Ecuador from Connecticut-seed tobacco. The White blend is a combination made by expert cigar artisans.

The fact that the White blend is on the less intense side makes the Montecristo YETI Gift Set perfect if youâ're not totally sure what kind of cigar your recipient likes best. Thereâ's a stronger cigar and a milder cigar, so that at least one of them may hit the mark. And even if someone loves strong smokes, thereâ's a time and a place for a well-made Connecticut, too (usually in the morning with coffee). At worst, if this set is headed out to a trip with a group, the other cigars will be shared.

Now, speaking of coffee, letâ's talk about those rugged YETIs.

2 - YETI Ramblers 10oz. Lowball

YETIs really have become the gold standard when it comes to eating and drinking out in the field. From camping to tailgating to kicking back on your own porch, YETIs are the kind of cup that goes anywhere you go and you donâ't have to worry about breaking. These lowball Ramblers are made with kitchen-grade stainless steel, and youâ'll show cracks long before they do.

These sturdy cups are good for both hot and cold drinks, thanks to double-wall vacuum insulation. You can pour in hot coffee in the morning with that White blend, or you can splash in some whiskey by your firepit in the evening as you light up an Epic. Of course, you wonâ't splash yourself thanks to the snug lids on these bad boys. Once youâ're done with drinks, the YETI Rambler is dishwasher safe, so you can get it clean and ready for another day.

Itâ's one of those cups that you start wanting at your side at all times. It might sound silly, but a YETI just feels good to hold, much like a really nice cigar.

The Montecristo YETI gift set is perfect for dudes (or dudettes) who like to be outside with a beverage in hand and a cigar in their teeth. Grab this gift and make their year!