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Gurkha Chunkster Intro Sampler
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Gurkha Chunkster Intro Sampler

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Gurkha Chunkster Intro Sampler Description

Now, these fun 4.25 x 56 cigars are what we’re talking about! These little guys are tiny, savory, and an excellent way to discover a favorite Gurkha or two while smoking in style.

The Gurkha Chunkster Intro Sampler contains two each of the following cigars.

Gurkha Centurian

Once upon a time, the Sultan of Brunei commissioned the Centurian strictly for his personal consumption. Now, these smokes are available to the public in limited edition runs. If it’s good enough for a sultan, it’s good enough for us, right? Let’s take a look and see just to be sure.

This stubby buddy sports a gorgeous dark Connecticut wrapper and Cuban-seed Ligero tobaccos harvested in the Dominican Republic’s Cibao Valley. Before ending up in this chunkster, the tobacco patiently aged for eight years. The result is a lavish and creamy smoke with bread, cedar, and almond flavors.

Gurkha Titan

Up next in the Gurkha Chunkster Intro Sampler is the stout Gurkha Titan. One of the more impressive things about this cigar is the Costa Rican Maduro wrapper cultivated in 1996. But that’s not the only blast from the past the Titan is packing. Deep within its core and aged for no less than five years is a tri-country blend of Honduran, Columbian, and Dominican tobaccos. A binder from Nicaragua works to hold things together. The result is a medium to full-bodied, complex smoke spiked with flavors of coffee, earth, cedar, and chocolate.

Gurkha Symphony

This Gurkha Chunkster Intro Sampler is packed with delicious cigars like the Gurkha Symphony. It’s a smooth performance that covers an expansive range of flavors. The Symphony is a complex, creamy, mild to medium-bodied cigar. A Connecticut shade leaf works with a Dominican binder and filler from Nicaraguan to deliver notes of cedar, nuts, and pepper. This is a fine smoke with a relaxing, even burn and steady ash that’s enjoyable to watch. Take a break and enjoy the silence while pulling on this Symphony.

Gurkha Black

The Black is a sweet and spicy medium to a full-bodied cigar from the Gurkha Chunkster Intro Sampler that won’t just roll over and produce an easy smoke once lit. This stogie is in it to win it. But so are you, so game on! Deep within this cigar, we find an interesting tobacco blend with contributions from Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Pennsylvania. A Habano Ecuador binder holds this blend snug, and a near pitch-black Pennsylvania Maduro wrapper tops everything off. The result is a rich experience with flavors ranging from dark chocolate to pepper.

One thing to keep in mind before going toe-to-toe with the Black is sustenance. You’re going to need it, so don’t do any supermodel meal skipping before toasting this guy.

Gurkha Classic Havana

Closing out the Gurkha Chunkster Intro Sampler is the Classic Havana. This stick wasn’t produced overnight. The Gurkha team modified the mix over two dozen times to create a cigar in Nicaragua that tastes like an authentic Cuban.

A Mexican San Andres Maduro wrapper sits atop a Nicaraguan binder and high-quality Nicaraguan filler. The final result is a medium-to-full-bodied exceptional cigar that produces cocoa, spice, and leather notes all the way down. Sure, the Classic Havana is no Cuban, but it sure is a tip of the hat to a bygone era. Pick up one of these samplers and light up a Classic Havana to see how much of a taste of Cuba it truly holds.

Please enjoy the Gurkha Chunkster Intro Sampler at your leisure.

2 - Gurkha Centurian Chunkster (4.25 x 56)
2 - Gurkha Titan Chunkster (4.25 x 56)
2 - Gurkha Symphony Chunkster (4.25 x 56)
2 - Gurkha Black Puro Chunkster (4.25 x 56)
2 - Gurkha Classic Havana Blend Chunkster (4.25 x 56)