E.P. Carrillo 10 Year Anniversary

E.P. Carrillo 10 Year Anniversary Open Box
E.P. Carrillo 10 Year Anniversary Encore Single
E.P. Carrillo 10 Year Anniversary La Historia Single

The E.P. Carrillo 10-Year Anniversary celebrates the 10th anniversary of E.P. Carrillo; the company decided to release a pair of 6 1/2 x 56 box-pressed perfectos in a large, heavy box.

Ten years is a long time – enough to change someone’s life completely.

E.P. Carrillo shows it perfectly:

In 1999, he was selling off the El Credito cigar factory his father owned and moving to a position with General Cigar.

In 2009, he launched his brand, kicking off a family journey again.

And in 2019, he’s on top of the world, fresh off a Cigar Aficionado Cigar of the Year win for the Encore Majestic (and on his way to winning another for the Pledge Prequel in 2020).

Each decade brings such changes. And the E.P. Carrillo 10th Anniversary cigars are made to celebrate the joy of the most recent years for his family and company.

Two blends are honored here – the Historia (the #2 cigar of 2014) and Encore. Both are fantastic smokes and form two pillars of Perez-Carrillo’s current success.

La Historia is a challenging mix, combining Nicaraguan filler, an Ecuadorian binder, and a dark Mexican wrapper. It has long captured the palates of judges and tastemakers, and Cigar Aficionado reported that it “brims with dark chocolate, black licorice, and stewed fruit.” It’s a smoke that routinely scores into the 90s and is a go-to choice for those who love supreme artistry and flavor. It’s strong, though. Don’t let it sneak up on you. Make time to listen to the entire history!

Encore is a cigar in the E.P. Carrillo 10-year Anniversary bundle that needs no introduction. At 96 points, the Nicaraguan puro was the hands-down best smoke of 2018. A well-aged wrapper was thought to be the finishing touch that pushed this one from great into spectacular. Judges described the “immaculately detailed flavor that ranges from oak and tea to caramel sweetness with tangy citrus pops of candied orange peel.”

What a magic trick it is to blend cigars like this! Just imagine what Mr. Perez-Carrillo and co. can do in another ten years. We’ll have space in the humidor ready for whatever comes off the blending table, and we can’t wait to get a draw of those fine, fine tobacco mixes.

Please browse our selection of E.P. Carrillo 10-Year Anniversary cigars at your leisure.

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E.P. Carrillo 10 Year Anniversary

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