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There are so many ways to taste the innovative blends of Cuban-born blending master A.J. Fernandez. He's the guy behind Man O' War, Ave Maria, Diesel, and more. In fact, due to what seems like endless high-level collaborations with names like Rocky Patel and the Plasencias, chances are you've smoked an A.J. stick or two without realizing it. Diesel cigars, as the fuel-injected name suggests, are not for novice smokers. Even experienced smokers may be surprised by the power after lighting up, but blends this thoughtfully balanced never cross the line into harshness.

Within Diesel Unholy Cocktail cigars is a high-speed yet controlled blend. It starts with potent three-year-aged long-fillers carefully selected from Condega, Esteli, and Jalapa. To cover this gorgeous blend up, a dark Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro wrapper enters the picture. Diesel Unholy Cocktail cigars have a complex character that never strays out of balance. The full-bodied profile treats your palate to both spicy and sweet.

After your lighter works out on the Unholy Cocktail, your palate becomes engulfed with flavors of spice, chocolate, leather, and wood. If you're looking to add a little naughty to a life that somewhere along the way began mirroring that of a saint, this unholy beast will light the way.

Please enjoy Diesel Unholy Cocktail cigars at your leisure.

  • What are the flavors like?
    • Spice, leather, chocolate, wood
  • What's the strength level?
    • Full
  • Who is this cigar for?
    • Experienced smokers who love testing their limits.
  • Will I want to smoke it to the nub?
    • Diesel Unholy Cocktail cigars are supercharged. If you're up for it and have experience with power smokes, we think you'll enjoy the entire thing.
  • What's a good pairing with it? 
    • Partner this one up with a Sticky Bun Barrel Aged Imperial Stout from the Bruery Bakery. The sweet and spicy notes seem like they were made for the Unholy Cocktail.
  • What's the best time/place to smoke this cigar?
    • Since they say "nothing good ever happens after midnight", why not get one of these unholy rollers burning to prove them wrong.

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Diesel Original Unholy Cocktail

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