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Diesel Maduro Small-Haul Sampler
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Diesel Maduro Small-Haul Sampler

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Diesel Maduro Small-Haul Sampler Description

Diesel Maduro Small-Haul Sampler includes:

2 - Diesel Unlimited Maduro d.P Perfecto (5 x 58)
2 - Diesel Unlimited Maduro Flathead Belicoso (6.5 x 54)
2 - Diesel Unlimited Maduro d.nt Perfecto (6.5 x 56)
2 - Diesel Unlimited Maduro Large Marge (6.7 x 54)
2 - Diesel Unlimited Maduro d.10 Perfecto (6.5 x 64)
2 - Diesel Unlimited Stout Barber Pole (6 x 60)

Once upon a time, the original Diesel blend by A.J. Fernande hit the market, and there was much rejoicing. The follow-up blend, the Diesel Unlimited then upped the ante, bringing us all a new wave of flavor from the brand that reminds us of long-haul trucking.

The Diesel Maduro Small-Haul Sampler gives you a chance to experience this Unlimited blend in a variety of glorious shapes and sizes.

The Diesel Unlimited line came in natural and Maduro versions. The natural version featured a robust Ecuadorian Habano Ligero wrapper, along with a spicy blend of Nicaraguan and Mexican long-fillers. The Maduro was darker and sweeter, using a Pennsylvania broadleaf wrapper in place of the Habano. It also included a Mexican San Andrés binder and Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco in the filler blend.

The resulting flavors in this Diesel Maduro Small-Haul Sampler include red pepper, toffee sweetness, dark cherries, and leather. It’s a complex set of flavors that brings in a number of tobaccos known for their personality. Mexican tobacco reliably delivers the pepper note, and Honduran tobacco is quite rich. Nicaraguan tobacco is leaned on for its excellent stability, and the leathery, sweet, and earthy flavors join in thanks to the broadleaf.

It’s a feast, what can we say?

There are a few different sizes and shapes. At 6.7 inches, the Large Marge is your stick for taking a mini-vacation in your smoke spot. It’s a touch ahead of the D. 10, D.nt, and d.P. Perfectos. These are quite well made and offer a highly enjoyable way to sample the blend. Aside from these, there are a few that will no doubt grab your attention when you pick up the Diesel Maduro Small-Haul Sampler.

One is the Diesel Unlimited Stout Barber Pole. This one takes the Maduro blend and combines a twisting Habano leaf to balance things out. If you’re a fan of the Maduro blend, you might find this to be an interesting note to toss into the mix. There are also flag caps, Belicoso shapes, and more to keep the Diesel Maduro Small-Haul Sampler interesting.

Please enjoy this earthy and intriguing mix from Diesel at your leisure.