CAO Black & Gold Flight Sampler

CAO Black & Gold Flight Sampler

The CAO Black Gold Flight Sampler includes:

3 CAO Black Storm (5 x 50)
3 CAO Black Frontier (7 x 50)
3 CAO Gold Robusto (5 x 50)
3 CAO Gold Churchill (7 x 48)

The CAO Black and Gold Flight Sampler is a chance to get in on something surprising from CAO. While other blends are a bit more notorious (the Flathead, Brazilia, MX2, and others), the CAO Black is reliably beloved by those customers who smoke it. It really all comes down to cigar lover satisfaction, and CAO Black delivers when it counts.

This is a blend that just tastes great. And did you know it was one of the first blends put out by CAO cigars? They got it right immediately out of the gate.

The long-filler mix on the CAO Black cigar is outstanding, including Honduran, Mexican, and Nicaraguan leaf. Those who know cigars can guess that you're getting a good amount of spice in there. But the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper mellows everything out, providing balance to a medium-strength cigar that's creamy, peppery, and cedary in the best way. People really swear by this one. It's a crowd favorite, to be sure, and with good reason.

Then the CAO Black and Gold Flight Sampler hit you with the Gold portion.

The CAO Gold is a 91-rated cigar (as judged by Cigar Aficionado), and offers beautiful flavors thanks to the Nicaraguan tobacco long-filler blend and the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Wood, orange, almond, and raisin are all in there, making the CAO Gold a nice complex smoke, and surprisingly flavorful for something that looks so mild-mannered. It's another great CAO cigar sampler for those who want to try something high quality that's a bit more off the beaten path. Anyone can buy a Cigar of the Year, but a good sampler will show you the underrated blends that absolutely deserve to be smoked, and that's exactly what you get here.

Please enjoy the CAO Black and Gold Flight Sampler at your leisure.

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CAO Black & Gold Flight Sampler

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