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When you reach for a Trinidad cigar you are about to enjoy one of the boldest flavored cigars on the market. For nearly 100 years Trinidad cigars have pleased lovers of hearty, vibrant stogies that start strong and just keep pouring out the juice. A big part of the power play is a daring Sumatra wrapper grown in Ecuador and fermented until exquisitely aged and very tasty.

The Trinidad Churchill is a great way to enjoy that Sumatran sheath. These cigars are a standard size stick at 7.0 inches and a 50 ring gauge. The wrapper is smooth; the entire cigar is finely tailored and handsome. The burn on these attractive cigars is relaxed. It won’t get ahead of you but will allow a contemplative smoke if that’s your mood. You’ll enjoy a hearty aroma with plenty of depth as you consider your next draw.

The Robusto cigars at 5.0 and 50 are a great way to experience the succulent blend delivered by the Trinidad trio of great tobaccos. The long fillers are grown in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Peru. Each expresses some personality of its own but comes together with the others to create a unique flavor you will want to return to on a regular basis. While some cigars are crafted with a binder that deserves anonymity this one is much too good to fly under the radar. It’s a Connecticut broadleaf good enough to wrap a very nice cigar. It deepens the pleasure by adding strength and flavor. With that kind of attention to the little things Trinidad, an Altadis brand, has been recognized with 90+ ratings by the experts. More importantly, it enjoys great acclaim by cigar smokers that really know their sticks. If you like them bold, beautiful and bursting with flavor the Trinidad cigars are well worth a truly tasty try.