Let’s do the monster mash! A series of cigars released once a year around Halloween season. Named after monsters and creepy villains. You can count on each new Monster giving you a great smoking experience from beginning to end, with a combination of rich meatiness and honey sweetness, that the series is known for. They are frighteningly good, check them out for yourself!

The Tatuaje brand made a huge splash in the cigar world and the ripples continue to impact the industry with great taste and cigars of the highest quality. Don Pepin Garcia and Pete Johnson have put their significant talents together again in creating a new label, the Cabaiguan by Tatuaje. These cigars are a perfect complement to the standard Cubanesque offerings in the Tatuaje lineup, which is full-bodied and powerful.

The Havana VI Verocu now has its own spot at the table. Originally a limited edition line to the Tatuaje Havana VI brand, but because of it’s enormous popularity, it is now a line unto itself.  This new iteration is stronger than the Havana VI without being overpowering. The Verocu, is dressed in a Nicaraguan Rosado Oscuro wrapper encased a Nicaraguan binder and long-filler. A beautiful pristine oily wrapper, is impeccable and the construction is flawless. A medium to full-bodied showstopper with balanced complexity and robust flavors of cayenne pepper, chocolate, and coffee. Tatauaje Verocu is a prime example of flawless blending and boutique manufacturing. Try some today!

There’s a ‘wealth’ of enjoyment inside the La Riqueza smoke. La Riqueza means literally means “wealth” in Spanish, and it’s an apt moniker for this smoke. More on the medium-bodied side, the La Riqueza uses a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper which lends itself to a natural sweetness with subtle hints of pepper and cocoa. You’ll enjoy the hearty blend of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos and flavors of chocolate, nuts, cocoa, and zesty spice throughout. Borrowing its name from an old Cuban cigar brand, this modern-day twist to classic Cubans is a smoking experience every connoisseur should enjoy.

Instead of the traditional 10 year gift of tin or aluminum for a decade milestone, instead consider this 10 year anniversary smoke! A mouthwatering smoke with flavors of spice, cocoa, coffee and cream. A medium to full Nicaraguan puro, that is rich, bold, earthy, and a marvel to look at. Beautifully constructed, and a wonder to behold for any day of the year. Try the 10-year Anniversary smoke today!

How do you get the best smoke for the most affordable price? You offer the best of ‘both worlds’ (ambos mundos) in quality and in price, and that’s exactly what Pete Johnson has done with this smoke. Without sacrificing the phenomenal taste that Tatuaje is known for, the Tatuaje Ambos Mundos offers smooth, rich flavor with notes of pepper, cedar, earth and cocoa in this outstanding Nicaraguan puro, and more affordable price. Beautifully constructed and delightful for seasoned and new smokers alike, you’ll enjoy every puff from the Ambos Mundos. Order some today!

This Avion will give you wings to fly! The Avion creates the perfect perfecto with this limited edition box-pressed shape. Wrapped in an Ecuadorian Habano Maduro wrapper and filled will an array of aged Nicaraguan long-fillers, this full bodied smoke is full of flavor and style! Immediate notes of pepper, leather, earth greet you with the first puffs, and then get ready for stronger notes of oak, espresso and cocoa to make their way through. Created in the My Father factory in Nicaragua, this hearty and dense smoke will having you soaring in no time. Try the Avion today!

A Nicaraguan puro that won’t fail to impress. A slightly oily, Sun Grown wrapper with mouth-watering flavors that ebb and flow through sweet nougat, coffee bean and onto a ginger snap finish. A chewy dense smoke that you’ll smoke down to the nub! Often the Black Label only produces Limited Edition smokes for this line, but lucky for us this blend has been created for regular production so all can enjoy. Definitely worth your time and worthy of its many 90+ ratings. Discover it for yourself today!

Some days you need a mellower smoke. The El Triunfador is a departure from the normal line offered from Tatuaje. A medium-bodied smoke that is loaded with flavor in an oily Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. This toned down smoke still offers a truly mouth-watering combination of flavors like earth, caramel and coffee. Perfect draw bound up in this gorgeously constructed box-pressed smoke. El Triunfador deserves some space in your humidor. Stock up today!

The Fausto (meaning ‘splendor’) is not a smoke for the faint of heart. The splendor of this smoke comes in its unapologetically full-bodied flavors and strength. The Ecuadorian Habano Maduro is an oily, dark leaf smoke that combines Nicaraguan filler and binder. As the burn progresses you’ll experience the smooth and well-balanced flavors through each and every draw. The Splendor is expressed in notes of bitter chocolate, oak, espresso, rich tobacco, and pepper. Another masterpiece by the dynamic duo of Pete Johnson and Jose Pepin Garcia that you don’t want to miss.

Few blend masters enjoy the name recognition and earned respect that the man behind the Tatuaje Havana Cigars has. His name is Pepin Garcia and now you understand why these cigars are sought after, enjoyed by so many, and are highly rated. Garcia earns the sales and 90+ ratings by producing cigars that live up to his renown. The Tatuaje Havana cigars are richly blended to deliver a smoking experience that is powerful and at the same time pleasurable on the palate. These cigars, like the Havana Artistas at 6.2x52, are Nicaraguan puros that offer a Cuban look, feel and taste all the way. The splendid mix begins with Cuban seed, including that used to grow the gorgeous, dark Nicaraguan wrapper, well-aged to deliver a mellowing balance to the mix. The Habano sheath is finished in authentic Cuban style with a handsome triple cap. The result is a sense of balance in the full-flavored, medium-body cigars that is very smooth but still full of zest. The tastes include a smorgasbord of earthy flavors that range from nutty to cedar with a sprinkling of pepper. The finish is long and satisfying and will leave you with a lingering mix of fresh bread and a bit of spice.

This cigar is made from 100% Connecticut Broadleaf tobaccos! That’s right, 100% of it is made from thick Broadleaf. A challenge both in manufacturing (even for the most seasoned and professional cigar maker), and also because it is traditionally too expensive for the entire cigar. But where there’s a will, there’s a way, and Pete Johnson has found it. Most cigar makers only use the Broadleaf as a wrapper or binder which bring flavorful balance and character to the cigar. But Johnson brought it all together in a rich and medium-bodied experience that is truly unique. La Casita (manufactured in Don Pepin’s My Father factory in Nicaragua) produces a slow burn that is never bitter and exceedingly smooth. Be sure your casita has plenty of these in stock!

The Miami is made from entirely 1st generation Cuban-seed tobacco grown in Nicaragua and delivers a robust, leathery and earthy medium-bodied flavor with a peppery finish. Bearing a striking flavor and resemblance to a Cuban, the Miami is rolled in extremely limited quantities, make it hard to keep in stock and quick to sell out.

It may be a mouthful to say, but your mouth will be happy with this cigar in it! Wrapped in a beautiful Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper, this boutique cigar has a double binder of Mexican and Nicaraguan tobacco and a unique blend of Nicaraguan long-filler. When you’re in the mood for a smooth medium-bodied smoke this one’s for you. The Connecticut Shade wrapper provides a surprising complexity of flavors including notes of honey, tea, butter, toast and earth...it’s a delicious smoke from the award-winning Tatuaje and L’Atelier Imports.

When you think of a true Nicaraguan smoke, hopefully, the Tatuaje Nicaragua comes to mind.  Created in the My Father factory by the celebrated cigar masters Pete Johnson and Don “Pepin” Garcia, this handcrafted smoke is medium to full-bodied and layered with subtle complexities of molasses and hickory. Made in extremely limited quantities in order to maintain it’s ultra high level of quality. Crafted from first generation Cuban seed, this rare smoke is a gem you’ll want to snatch up when you can.

This highly sought-after blend is created by the likes of none other than cigar masters Don ‘Pepin’ Garcia and Pete Johnson. It’s one you’ll want to ‘reserva’ for special occasions. A Ecuadorian Habano wrapper leaf covers the Cuban-seed Nicaraguan fillers. The result is an unforgettable treat that will delight your palate with notes of earth, leather, spice and hickory.  Made in very small quantities to preserve the quality of craftsmanship, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

Another staggering creation from Pete Johnson, the famous cigar master who is known for blending near classic Cuban cigars. This smoke is a rich, dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and packed with Nicaraguan fillers that elicit complex hints of oak, spice and toasted nuts. A medium to full-strength cigar, the Tatuaje Reserva Broadleaf is a must-have for any cigar aficionado.

An everyday smoke you can enjoy without breaking the bank! You will be hard pressed to find another smoke at this price point that will offer such excellence in complexity and construction. Full of rich wonderful Nicaraguan flavors like pepper, cedar, earth and cocoa. Well-made, medium-bodied, modestly priced and delicious through every puff. This smoke offers all the trimmings that the exquisite boutique blend Tatuaje is known for, but without the boutique price tag. It might be the best kept secret around!

The Skinny Monsters are nothing short of freakishly amazing! These high-quality premium sticks are all slender 6 X 38 and come to you in their own horror-themed names. Previously only available in limited edition samplers, now you can pick your own favorite monster. Choose from Chuck, Drac, Face, Frank, Jekyll, Hyde, Jason, Mummy, and Wolf. The fun doesn’t overshadow the craftsmanship that has made Tatuaje a sought after premium brand. Great for your Halloween parties, or any day of the year!

Cigar maker extraordinaire Pete Johnson has permanently tattooed his place in the cigar world with this boutique line of smokes. A solid medium-bodied smoke that will suit just about every smoker’s preferences. You’ll enjoy the blasts of spice with notes of cocoa, cream and leather. Originally a limited edition smoke with massive popularity, and now available at a price all can enjoy. This is a tattoo you won’t regret, order today!

A rustic cigar with hints of Cuban influence. Pete Johnson had one thing in mind when he created this cigar, and that was to recreate a smoke from that reminded him of his time and his smokes he enjoyed in Cuba. We think he’s succeeded with this rustic and Cubanesque smoke. This Nicaraguan puro invites you in with slightly oily Sun Grown wrapper. Each draw is full of lush layers of flavor including nougat, graham cracker, and coffee bean. Bold without smacking you in the face, it’s a true smoker’s delight every inch of the way.

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Pete Johnson is one of those single-minded dudes. His goal is to produce a cigar that will blow you away. His Tatuaje Cigars won’t be the most comprehensive brand in the smoke shop anytime soon. The brand might get there, but that milestone will be achieved one darn near perfect cigar at a time, if it happens at all. There won’t be multiple introductions and the attempt to please every possible consumer. Johnson’s vision is much more focused. That’s why every cigar in the current stable is a Nicaraguan puro. Perfect the puro, according to Pete, then consider other options.
Johnson is cutting edge. But his respect for the traditions he has adopted is telling. The Tatuaje Havana line could easily be mistaken for cigars removed from a Havana time capsule circa 1950. They are Cubanesque to the core with plenty of medium-bodied flavor and strength. Their tailoring is dapper, right down to the traditional triple cap. The smoking experience is varied based on the size but is always flavorful.

The Tatuaje Miami Cigars showcase the wonderful new traditions being developed in Little Havana, now the home of Padilla, Don Pepin Garcia, Nub and others. These good looking, great tasting cigars enjoy outstanding ratings and a growing following of fans.
For a unique cigar pick up one each, at least, of the Tatuaje Tubos. They are hardcore cigars the connoisseur will need 3 or 4 opportunities to enjoy in order to fully mine the depth of the taste and experience each one delivers. They are muscle cigars that bring a full cache of top quality flavor with more than a touch of complexity.
Tatuaje Cigars continue to make a splash which is no mere novelty. They are the real deal. They are highly rated by testers and intensely sought after by cigar lovers who simply want the best smoke they can get their hands on. Grab them when you can and then enjoy them to the hilt.