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The Miami is made from entirely 1st generation Cuban-seed tobacco grown in Nicaragua and delivers a robust, leathery and earthy medium-bodied flavor with a peppery finish. Bearing a striking flavor and resemblance to a Cuban, the Miami is rolled in extremely limited quantities, make it hard to keep in stock and quick to sell out.

The Tatuaje brand made a huge splash in the cigar world and the ripples continue to impact the industry with great taste and cigars of the highest quality. Don Pepin Garcia and Pete Johnson have put their significant talents together again in creating a new label, the Cabaiguan by Tatuaje. These cigars are a perfect complement to the standard Cubanesque offerings in the Tatuaje lineup, which is full-bodied and powerful.

Few blend masters enjoy the name recognition and earned respect that the man behind the Tatuaje Havana Cigars has. His name is Pepin Garcia and now you understand why these cigars are sought after, enjoyed by so many, and are highly rated. Garcia earns the sales and 90+ ratings by producing cigars that live up to his renown. The Tatuaje Havana cigars are richly blended to deliver a smoking experience that is powerful and at the same time pleasurable on the palate. These cigars, like the Havana Artistas at 6.2x52, are Nicaraguan puros that offer a Cuban look, feel and taste all the way. The splendid mix begins with Cuban seed, including that used to grow the gorgeous, dark Nicaraguan wrapper, well-aged to deliver a mellowing balance to the mix. The Habano sheath is finished in authentic Cuban style with a handsome triple cap. The result is a sense of balance in the full-flavored, medium-body cigars that is very smooth but still full of zest. The tastes include a smorgasbord of earthy flavors that range from nutty to cedar with a sprinkling of pepper. The finish is long and satisfying and will leave you with a lingering mix of fresh bread and a bit of spice.

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Pete Johnson is one of those single-minded dudes. His goal is to produce a cigar that will blow you away. His Tatuaje Cigars won’t be the most comprehensive brand in the smoke shop anytime soon. The brand might get there, but that milestone will be achieved one darn near perfect cigar at a time, if it happens at all. There won’t be multiple introductions and the attempt to please every possible consumer. Johnson’s vision is much more focused. That’s why every cigar in the current stable is a Nicaraguan puro. Perfect the puro, according to Pete, then consider other options.
Johnson is cutting edge. But his respect for the traditions he has adopted is telling. The Tatuaje Havana line could easily be mistaken for cigars removed from a Havana time capsule circa 1950. They are Cubanesque to the core with plenty of medium-bodied flavor and strength. Their tailoring is dapper, right down to the traditional triple cap. The smoking experience is varied based on the size but is always flavorful.

The Tatuaje Miami Cigars showcase the wonderful new traditions being developed in Little Havana, now the home of Padilla, Don Pepin Garcia, Nub and others. These good looking, great tasting cigars enjoy outstanding ratings and a growing following of fans.
For a unique cigar pick up one each, at least, of the Tatuaje Tubos. They are hardcore cigars the connoisseur will need 3 or 4 opportunities to enjoy in order to fully mine the depth of the taste and experience each one delivers. They are muscle cigars that bring a full cache of top quality flavor with more than a touch of complexity.
Tatuaje Cigars continue to make a splash which is no mere novelty. They are the real deal. They are highly rated by testers and intensely sought after by cigar lovers who simply want the best smoke they can get their hands on. Grab them when you can and then enjoy them to the hilt.