Sol Cubano

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ABOUTSol Cubano

Sol Cubano Cigars are made by Oliva and serve as a tribute to the glory days of cigar making in their homeland where the fertile growing fields are kissed by the Cuban Sun. The great news is that the glory days are not gone. They continue in places like Nicaragua where many of the tobaccos featured in these truly tasty cigars are grown. This is a unique line in many ways. First, it is enjoyed by cigar aficionados because the flavors exhibited throughout the Sol Cubano Cigars are fresh, complex, varied and truly outstanding. The line is also a perfect place for a beginner to start. The Sol Cubano Cigars are offered in 3 distinct wrappers that cover the basics beautifully. The Sol Cubano Connecticut cigars are clean, crisp and creamy throughout, reminiscent of a fine Macanudo.
The Sol Cubano Maduro cigars feature an extra-fermented wrapper aged to the depth of flavor that sets Oliva apart from all competitors in the quest to produce the perfect Maduro. The Nicaraguan fillers join the blend to deliver a hearty and enjoyable stick that may not be quite as complex as a Padron 80th Anniversary Maduro, but there’s plenty here to enjoy along with a price you couldn’t touch half an Anny for!
Rounding out the line to perfection are the Sol Cubano Sumatra Cigars. These sultry, spicy-sweet cigars offer variety and depth you don’t experience very often. Many find it as tasty and delicious as any Sumatran on the market, including many that cost multiple times more than these. And that is the next reason to give the Sol Cubana line a try – or make them a mainstay in your rotation. They offer some of the best tasting values you will experience in premium cigars. If you can find a better cigar for about $4 per stick, and that is a big if, you would do well to buy it! These wonderful stogies offer a pretty nice rotation right here: Connecticut, Maduro, Sumatran. Repeat, rearrange and enjoy.