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The Gran Puro, an all Honduran cigar, brings the best, richest classic Honduran flavor and aroma. It has an extra dark, extra bold Havana-seed sun grown wrapper as well as a sun grown binder, with most of the premium tobacco used in this cigar having been grown in the San Agustin Valley.

The Rare Corojo is made with an extra rich, dark Sumatra Ecuadorian wrapper, a Connecticut Broadleaf binder, and a special blend of filler tobaccos grown in Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. It is a rich and robust smoke with notes of milk chocolate, coffee and cedar, and a woody and spicy finish.

The Gran Cru is a smooth, elegant, mild-bodied smoke introduced in 1994 as a perfect counterpoint to the Deluxe. The vintage tobaccos used to produce this fine cigar are carefully aged from three to five years but the secret to the Gran Cru’s flavor is the Connecticut shade wrapper and the perfect blend of filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua.

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Punch cigars have been a mainstay among cigar connoisseurs since their inception back in 1840. Their name comes from the Punch and Judy puppet shows performed on the streets of England at the time for the enjoyment of children and adults alike. Manuel Lopez adopted the name for his new line of cigars in hopes of increasing sales. His strategy worked.
Later, manufacture of Punch cigars was moved to Honduras. They were first made available to the United States in 1969. Over the past 40 years Punch has become synonymous with rich, deep flavor and remarkable quality.

A Punch cigar is the epitome of what a cigar should be according to the brand’s devotees. Very flavorful and full-bodied, it is not a smoke for the neophyte or the faint of palate. The Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper surrounds an elegant blend of Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan fillers.
The Maduro and double Maduro versions are among the more complex cigars you’ll encounter. Combined with the famous Punch blended fillers, there is simply nothing else like it. The characteristic smoothness and depth of Maduro leaves blends almost magically with the fillers to create incredible richness.
There’s more. The Punch Gran Puro is a tour de force of the tobacconist’s craft, utilizing the amazing qualities of Honduran fillers, wrappers, and binders. There is also a Punch Rare Corojo with its Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan long fillers complemented perfectly by a deep-red Corojo wrapper delivers a sumptuous blend of pepper and toasted nuts, rich without being overpowering.